How to stop with the goal setting and get creative instead!


Is anyone in the space of “thank god that year is over”? I’m kind of not, but where I am at is, “Wow! How can so much change in ONE YEAR?”

2020 felt like a bit of a cathartic, transformational year for me:

  • I cleared out a lot of “friends”,
  • got much clearer on who I am… well, more like I became more at peace with who I am and allowed myself to be that a lot more, warts and all!
  • completely changed direction in my business,
  • discovered that I really like talking to people, recording it and putting it out to the world! Now that WAS a surprise. Maybe not to anyone else, but it was to me! 😂😂

I really hate planning and setting goals, so I never, ever bother with new years’ resolutions (or any kind of business planning, which drives my accountant absolutely insane!), but what I do enjoy is setting experiences: what do I want to experience in a particular area of life.

Now, let me say, while this way of doing things has its’ merits, it can also backfire beautifully if I’m not careful. I remember saying that I wanted excitement in my life at one stage. A few weeks later, we’d been on holiday, ended up in hospital after Keeley split open the back of her head, got pulled over by customs and spent several hours going through our luggage, Kira vomited into some glass revolving doors at a five star hotel, had a big argument with the front desk staff because they hadn’t booked adjoining rooms for us and the kids, had to cancel part of the holiday because our nanny broke her leg. And that was on holiday! Imagine what everyday life would be like if I kept “excitement” in my space permanently! Needless to say, I changed that one pretty quickly and got quite careful as to what experiences I asked for in my life! 😂😂

Having said that, you all know that my life is quite interesting and exciting at the best of times!

But for me, taking on experiences rather than goals works so much better and it leaves a lot more room for things to work out (which they always do because, as everyone knows 😜, I always land on my feet!).

So, if I break my life down into the areas that are important to me and look at what I want to experience, this is what I end up with:

  • Marriage – Intimacy and fun
  • Family & friends – fun, love & laughter
  • Physical health – High energy lightness
  • Spirituality/personal growth – intriguing exploration
  • Business – acknowledgment and creativity
  • Money – ease & flow with playful fun

Overall, this year there’s a feeling of fun, flow and massive expansion mixed in with heaps of love and laughter. I like fun, love and laughter… I can see that “massive expansion” coming back to haunt me, mind, but that’s never stopped me before!

So, what about you? If you chucked out the goals (if you ever do any!) and just thought about what you want to experience this year, what would it be?

Happy new year to you all! Wishing you good health, great wealth, success and happiness, mixed in with a lot of fun, love and laughter!


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