How To Overcome The Guilt and Grief of Midlife

I don’t know about you, but by the time I reached my fifties, I was an absolute MASTER at feeling guilty and being sad about what I’d lost and would never have again (think: cuddles from a little child, the family all being together, pizza nights in front of the TV, school runs, that kind of thing)

(okay, maybe not the school runs).

It’s such a difficult trap to get out of, but it’s made MUCH easier when you recognise what’s happening. Like, for example, when you find yourself short tempered in the last few days of your child’s visit but that’s because you’re sad that their visit visit is nearly over and you’re going to miss them. Or the way you lie in bed every night with this vague and persistent feeling of regret, accompanied by thoughts about all the things you haven’t done or should have done throughout your entire life? What if that’s just your mind’s way of acknowledging that there’s such a grief about the fact that one major part of your life is over and until you acknowledge it, it’s going to hang around.

In this podcast, I go through the things that I’ve done (and hopefully you can do, if you’re inclined) to let go of the guilt and embrace the grief (yes, embracing it makes it disappear so much faster!).

Find out:

✨✨ How to start to recognise the different emotions that are reeling through your brain at any moment, and often at the same time

✨✨ How sharing our real selves  – authentically and fully – can change the way we experience life

✨✨ How we undervalue ourselves

✨✨ Working out what is it we really want from life

✨✨ Being honest about the things we’re really good at

✨✨ Acknowledging our talents and experience (something we, as middle-aged women, tend to be VERY bad at!)

✨✨(This is a controversial one ) Allowing ourselves the freedom to do things we enjoy and not do things we think we OUGHT to do

This is a hugely important podcast for all women to listen to!

By the way, the podcasts about my parenting style that I talk about can be accessed here:

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