Why You Need To Be A Parent Not A Friend

I had a brainwave: wouldn’t it be cool to ask my kids what they thought of my parenting style and how it’s affected them, what did and didn’t work, what they’d change, what they’ll keep for when they become parents.

Then I realised what I might be opening myself up for and had a full-on meltdown: this was a thoroughly stupid idea.
But I sucked it up and got on with it, mainly because I was curious to find out what they actually did think, and while I was totally hoping that they’d say, “No, you were awesome, Mum! I wouldn’t change a thing!”, there was also this macabre desire to find out where I went wrong and how I completely ruined my kids’ lives so I could beat myself up about it. 🤣
Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
In this episode, I speak to Kira, my 20-year old eldest daughter, who shocked me by turning up armed with a full-on list of questions as to why I did certain things and why I rarely conformed with what her peers (and their parents) felt was “acceptable” parenting.

I also did an episode with my second son, Ryan, who asked how I coped with them as teenagers (listen here), and one with my eldest son, Jamie, about which child did I love the most (listen here).

Still on the topic of parenting, one of my most popular podcasts is Why Boys Need Rules (listen here)

NOTE: these are my opinions. They’re not the only ones and they’re not the truth, they’re just what worked for me.

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