Why Midlife Women Are The Forgotten Generation

Part 2 of my conversation with Dr Wendy Sweet. You’ll find Part 1 – How To Avoid Weight Gain In Menopause here

 If you head over to any health and fitness guru, odds are the pictures you’ll see are of women in their 20’s or 30’s. The problem is, what works for women in that age group, not only doesn’t work for peri- or post-menopausal women, it is actually detrimental to their health and well-being and is a major cause of weight GAIN.

After a long and hugely successful career in the health & fitness industry, Wendy Sweet realised that little was known about the role of exercise and diet during the menopause transition. All of the information and practise was aimed at women in their twenties and no regard was given to the changing nature of a woman’s body as she ages.

After extensive research, including doing her Masters degree and then a PhD, she discovered the best exercises to support our body during & after menopause, the ONLY diet that prevents weight gain in this time and how we can avoid the insomnia that afflicts so many women.

Dr Wendy Sweet NEVER gives interviews, I was very fortunate to chat to her and get information that is usually only available to her paying clients. Click on the link below and find out about the incredible work this woman does.
NOTE: This is Part 2 of the interview with Dr Sweet. Listen to Part 1 here
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Today's Guest: Dr Wendy Sweet

Women’s Health Expert / Fitness Expert / Menopause Transformation Coach / Speaker / Author

For over 30 years I have been involved in New Zealand’s health and exercise industry. Although my original career was as an ICU nurse and I’m not practicing any more, I re-trained and pioneered the Personal Training industry in New Zealand.

Once I left this industry, I returned to education and not only was I lecturing in sport, exercise, nutrition and health physiology, but I was so interested in how to help people change their lifestyle behavior, that I undertook my master’s studies in this area.

Then I went on to do my doctoral studies in the Faculty of Health, Sports and Human Performance at Waikato University. My desire was to better understand how women perceived their ageing and the role of exercise in this during the menopause transition. I am so pleased that I did!

Because what I discovered was that our menopause transition, when we go into the final hormonal changes that herald in the end of our biological reproductive years, is the time to change our lifestyle in readiness for the next 20-30 years of living we still have to enjoy.

In a different hormonal environment, what we have done in the past to manage our health, energy and our weight, simply may not work any more. Not many health coaches and other professionals understand this, because there has been very little research on the menopause transition and lifestyle changes that we need to make to help us get ready for our future years.

When, through my women’s health research, I looked at many of the symptoms that women experience during menopause, I realised that this is the time of our lives that our health can begin to change and our menopause symptoms may become worse. This happened to me too.

Desperate to turn around my own health, weight and symptoms, I set out to untangle the menopause-mayhem jigsaw, so we didn’t need to rely on traditional hormone therapies that have been used in the past. Everything I discovered is now in two fabulous programmes called My Menopause Transformation.

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