What To Do When People Spew Hate Filled Rhetoric


Well, more disappointed, maybe a little heartbroken. I’ve certainly had any illusions that I may have held shattered.
The posts I put up yesterday about people posting half truths and lies came off the back of the actions of a particular person, one whom I admire and who’s done a lot for me personally.
Which is why I initially unfollowed and didn’t unfriend them.
I am so grateful for everything they’ve done for me and it takes a lot for me to turn away from / against someone because I’m basically a very loyal person.
I’m also a firm believer in live & let live. If you want to hold some religious or political views that I find completely weird, that’s your choice. I’m not you, I have no right to tell you what’s right for you.
If you ask my opinion, I’ll give it, but it will be something along the lines of “do what you feel is best for you right now. As long as it’s not causing anyone else any harm then trust your instincts.”
What you choose to do may be completely out of alignment with me and, if so, we’d probably naturally drift apart, but that’s your path (and mine).
If you want to go down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, that’s your choice: good for you, enjoy yourself.
If you want to change your religion and become a nun / monk: good on you, go for it.
If you want to join a political party and become an MP: excellent, glad you’ve found something you’re passionate about.
But the minute you start telling me what I can and can’t think,
The minute you start telling me how stupid / deranged / passive observer I am for not seeing what you can see,
The minute you start creating division and scare mongering…
…Is the minute I turn around and walk away.
I don’t want anyone in my life who thinks that bullying and coercing people into agreeing with them is okay.
I don’t want anyone in my life who is sowing hatred and bad mouthing people who can’t / won’t respond
And I particularly don’t like it when people bring GOD into the equation and use God as a tool for denouncing anyone who doesn’t agree with them.
For the people I know who have disappeared down the conspiracy theory / racist / political rabbit hole and are quietly getting on with their lives while trying to change things for the better as they see it,
THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. You act with respect and love.
It’s the ones who are spewing their fear-filled rhetoric and inciting others to hatred that I have an issue with.
Thanks to one of my friends for helping me get clear on this. You know who you are. 😘💖

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