Great conversations are something that we all need in our lives. They make us feel connected, heard, understood, and a host of other things. It’s even better when those great conversations are a heap of fun, too.

This week’s Illogical Conversation is all about judgements: why they aren’t a bad thing, why we have them and how we can use them to move our lives forward.

PLUS! STAY TUNED AT THE END for a little flavour of what Dawn and I get up to when we’re not discussing serious, deep or meaningful topics.

So come and join Dawn and I and find out why being judgemental is actually a good thing. Sometimes.

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The Illogical Guest: Dawn Bates

Author Coach & Business Strategist at Dawn Bates Author Strategist & Coach
Dawn Bates is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, global thought leader and author coach.

Author of The Trilogy of Life Itself, which includes first-hand accounts of living in Egypt during the turbulent Uprising and fighting back against Police Scotland in two unbelievable court cases.

The trilogy exposes and challenges social stereotypes across varied subjects including, but not limited to single parenting, racism, cultural diversity, and religion.

Dawn’s writing is honest, frank and engaging, bringing humour and powerful insights to all who read her work.

She is also the author of a plethora of articles for various global publications covering a multitude of subjects. She creates exceptional results with all those who work with her, empowering them to discover and harness the greatest freedom of all: their own truth.

She’s an authority on leading others, shifting them from fear, feelings of imposter and self-doubt to living an inspired and joyful life on their own terms.

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