A 30-Day Challenge

As I was moseying through Pinterest today, I came across a post titled “30 Day Challenge – Day 3 – A Picture Of My animals” I assumed that it was a photography challenge. I think I’ve been tagged in a fair few of those and not realised because 1) I don’t read Facebook notifications and 2) I don’t pick up my Messenger messages very often, either. But it wasn’t. It was actually a blog challenge. Now, as you’re probably aware, I don’t really need a challenge to make me start writing, but I really liked the sound of this one, so I’m going to do it. 30 days, each day a different topic, with the intention of letting the real me out into the world. Or at least, letting the real me loose on those poor unsuspecting… sorry, awesome people who read this blog!
You know what? It would be awesome if you commented underneath this article with your own photos/comments and let me get to know you a little better. Or, write your own blog post and put the link in the comments. That would be amazing and so much fun. So, here goes!

Day 1

Day 1 – Share a recent photo of yourself along with 15 interesting facts… At which point, the middle aged, stay-at-home, empty-nesting mother-of-four in me says things like, “Interesting facts? I don’t do anything interesting! I’ll have to think back 20 or 30 years and see what I can dredge up…” <sigh> Recent photo at the top of the page, as instructed. That was taken a few days ago by my incredibly talented (#proudmumtalking) daughter, Kira. I wasn’t expecting to have a photo session, so I wasn’t exactly dressed for it (#gymkit). The photos turned out beautifully, so I thought I’d use one of them. (note to self: learn how to pose!) Fifteen interesting facts… Have you noticed that I’m avoiding doing this? 1. … Okay, I’ve just sat here for several minutes, staring at the screen, unable to think of anything. For heaven’s sake.

Fifteen interesting facts

1. I love Indian food and I cook a mean curry. I have a total of 38 different spices in my cupboard. The herbs are in jars on a merry-go-round thing; I haven’t counted them. 2. I hate cold weather. I just hate it. It’s really pretty to look at a snow-covered winter landscape, with the trees glistening with ice, hearing the snow crunch underfoot… From inside a highly insulated house with a roaring fire. I did enough winter horse riding when I was a teenager to last me a lifetime. Frozen toes are not pleasant. 3. I’m an organisational wiz. Even my spices are properly labelled and kept in strict alphabetical order. It’s sad, I know. 4. I think cats are awesome, I don’t really like dogs. I love horses, birds give me the creeps. Fish smell but not as much as terrapins.

Building sites

5. I think working on a building site is a lot of fun but it’s not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. When, as the only woman working on the site, they thoughtfully put your port-a-loo in the middle of the adjacent paddock so they can make sure none of the (male) labourers use it. Great idea, but you find yourself with a 200 metre hike across a muddy field filled with irritable heifers every time you want to go to the loo. It did stop the labourers from using it, though, with one notable exception, which I’ll tell you about another time. 6. I’ve had more concussions than an International rugby player, including one less than two years ago when I knocked myself out on the dryer door on Christmas Day morning. I know, right?


7. I really, really, REALLY don’t like Christmas anymore. I think it just got all too much after trying to get bigger and better each year as the kids got older. One particularly fiasco-filled year where the oven broke on Christmas Day morning and I was having the entire family round later that day. After that, I decided to back my bags and go elsewhere at that time of year. And the one year that I didn’t do that, I concussed myself. 8. I keep trying to be a sophisticated, elegant woman. I buy (or make) beautiful dresses and gorgeous jewellery (I don’t make that). Then I wear them for about 2 weeks till I get heartily sick of the whole looking-good thing and go back to wearing either gym kit or jodhpurs. It’s way more comfortable. 9. I love exercise. Love it. I feel rotten when I don’t do some kind of exercise every day. I think maybe my body is just really crap at producing serotonin off its own back and I need to exercise just to feel happy.


10. I talk too loudly. It’s manageable… mostly. Unless I’m on the radio or YouTube with my husband & my brother and then it gets annoying because my voice is too loud. But, you know, as a former swimming teacher and a mother of four, being able to make yourself heard in the noisiest situations is an absolute necessity. 11. I get bored really easily. I’m really great at picking up new skills and becoming proficient at them really quickly. It’s an amazing skill to have but the downside is that I’m always looking for the next thing to learn. 12. I only got three O Levels at school: English Language, English Lit and Maths. At least I got the basics sorted. I went on to do a degree, so it didn’t make a scrap of difference in the end but it caused my parents (and my teachers) no end of heartache at the time. “Karen could do better” was on every single one of my school reports from when I was 7. I checked. 13. I got braces on my teeth at the age of 52. I’m so glad I did! If you’re thinking of getting braces but you’re worried about your age, just do it: it’s worth it! 14. I can’t sit still and not do anything. This one might not be obvious to the casual observer (hahahaha) but yoga and meditation aren’t really part of my life. I keep trying them because everyone who’s calm and has their s**t together tells me that they’d do me the world of good. But I just can’t do them. I find yoga as boring as all hell and I just fall asleep when I meditate. I know, I know, I need to keep at it. They’re just so boring! 15. I get claustrophobic when I’m in among trees for too long. I grew up on the moors in the north of England, there were no trees there!

Fact-free zone

My husband just failed miserably when he couldn’t think of a single interesting fact about me. He’s gone off scratching his head, saying there’s lot of interesting things about me, but no facts. So, what about you? What 15 facts could you share about yourself? Why don’t you do your own 30 day challenge? It’s a great way to start your own blog. K xxx PS John says to make sure everyone is aware that I get really grumpy if I don’t exercise and even grumpier if I don’t eat!

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