I love it when life presents me with new ideas, new skills to learn, new things. While I might get a bit scared at first, I love strapping on my big boots, picking up my rucksack and heading off into the Great Unknown looking for the Next Big Adventure.

Which is why I’m now the proud joint owner of a radio station.

Yep, seriously.

My brother, Alan, and I have never been really close. Actually, that’s totally unfair on Alan. I suspect that Alan wanted to get close to me when we were growing up but I was such and angsty teenaged bitch from about the age of 5, when he was born, that I wouldn’t let him anywhere near me. So, we’ve never been close because I spent my childhood doing whatever I could to make his life miserable. Unfortunately for our parents, Alan soon picked up on how to do the same things back to me and we spent our youth fighting with one another at every opportunity.

Fortunately, age and distance have mellowed us somewhat. I’m very proud of my little brother. He’s acclaimed as one of the best managers in the company that he works for, he’s a skilled counsellor, an accomplished musician and he’s a successful radio DJ… sorry, radio presenter, radio presenter, I must remember to get that right. Apparently, it’s highly derogatory to call a radio presenter a DJ and I wouldn’t want to irritate my brother, right?

Just recently, we got together to work on building our money & personal finance website, Stop Being So Poor and though the initial aim was to get a YouTube channel up and running, we’ve ended up focusing on the website and in a complete left turn, a radio station.

I never in a million years thought I’d be part of a radio station. The twists & turns of fate are interesting, aren’t they?

The brilliant thing about the radio station is that it gives Alan & I the opportunity to bicker and pole at each other again. He plays god knows how many musical instruments, but his love is the bass guitar. I can kind of play piano and I basically know zero about music. I do, however, have Opinions about music. And they don’t align with Alan’s. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they’re polar opposite.

He likes blues, easy listening (he’s going to kill me for saying that but, you know, if the shoe fits…), music that I’ve always called “middle of the road s**t”. I listen to either alternative music, 80s Goth or classical. I’m very definitely one extreme or the other as far as music goes and there is no middle ground… because the middle ground is all crap 😜

So, Alan, never one to miss an opportunity to give me a dig in my ribs, has made a ‘filler’ for the radio station – one of those things where someone says a few words between songs – saying “If you don’t like this music… then you just don’t like music at all”


By the way, you can listen to the radio station here. The music is actually pretty good (though I did switch the sound off when Mariah Bloody Carey came on singing some soppy rubbish or other)


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