“Which sibling relationship caused you the most problems?”

Mildly philosophical discussions about family dynamics are the coolest. Bouncing around ideas about why someone did/does something and the different ways we can each deal with that…

…or not deal with it, depending on our personality.

In this case, a second child wanted to let his mother know that his younger sister is not quite as sweet and innocent as she seems. Only his mother didn’t listen, leaving the boy feeling unheard and a little unwanted, as well as really angry with the world.

Find out:

✨✨How to actually, really listen to your children

✨✨ Why children need to be heard

✨✨ The ongoing and lasting impact when children don’t feel heard

✨✨ How to arbitrate the disputes between your children

✨✨ How to create deep, meaningful relationships between yourself, your children and each other

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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

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