I’m going to talk today about the big topic of motherhood.

I’ve been online for about three and a half or so years now. And I generally avoid the topic of motherhood, and particularly the parenting side of motherhood.

I’ll talk about the things that have happened with my children.

But I don’t like giving parenting advice.

And I don’t like giving my views on parenting…

because people get so uptight about their own views on parenting and it just leads to arguments. I don’t want the conflict so I generally avoid it, being a big coward at heart.

 You know, I want everybody to like me like we all do, and I just want to keep the peace and yeah get everyone to like me.

But I’ve had several conversations with friends who have younger children who’ve commented that the parents telling the children what to do is “old fashioned” and that parents these days “discuss” things with their children.

There’s nothing wrong with discussion, I always explained what and why we were doing things with my kids and we’d have a conversation about it.

But make no mistake: the final decision about what we were doing (and what the kids would be doing) was mine.

So what I’m going to say today goes against a lot of the current beliefs about how to raise children because I believe that all children need strong rules and clear boundaries.

And consequences.


These Books Are

I’ve got very strong, quite ‘old fashioned’ views about parenting, rules and consequences (i.e. I believe in rules and boundaries and I don’t put up with any of the cr*p that people seem to think it’s okay for kids to give out to their parents (there are some links to other articles I’ve written on parenting underneath this section. Please read!)).

Given my personal beliefs, it was fantastic to hear someone who’d worked in the juvenile prison service to firstly, agree with me, and secondly, to outline in detail what happens when parents don’t put strong rules in place.

The links below will take you straight to Amazon. If you buy any of the books, I may get a small commission. You can get full details about that here.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

He'll Be Okay by Celia Lashlie

This is the book I give to my friends who have young boys. Celia's no-nonsense, straight-talking style clearly explains what you need to do to help your boys grow into someone they like being.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

The Power of Mothers by Celia Lashlie

Parenting is a tricky business. It's like walking a tightrope, blindfolded. This is a look into the reasons why certain parts of society are trapped in a cycle of poverty and crime and what we can do about it

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

The Journey to Prison by Celia Lashlie

The subtitle on the book says it all: who goes to prison and why. It's a fascinating examination of modern society.

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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
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