You know, sometimes life can be such a bitch. And I can sit here and moan about it all – the hot flushes, the weird rashes, the raging hormones, the sleepless nights – and, trust me, I DO moan about it occasionally, and then I get the giggles about it all. The things that we go through (and that we put ourselves through) are quite hilarious. I don’t know about you, but I made such a MEAL out of being middle aged. I was totally stopped. I thought there was nothing else I could do with my life: I was too old, too out of touch, too slow, way past it. There was just no point in trying something else; I’d been out of the workforce for 20 years, there was no way I could get a decent job and I certainly didn’t want to redo my professional qualifications. Besides which, I’m basically unemployable: I’d last about 5 minutes in someone else’s company before I started taking over, let’s face facts.

The thing is, why was I even CONSIDERING working for someone else? I’d had my own businesses, I’d been involved in our developments, I’d done numerous renovations for profit but for some reason, all I could think was that I had to get a job, I had to get back into the workforce. I’d be a TERRIBLE employee, swear to god. The only thing I can put it down to is that my hormones messed with my brain. I don’t know whether that’s actually true or not but I know for sure that I wasn’t making sense.

And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, right? We feel sorry for teenagers going through all their angst, with their raging hormones making their brains fire in inexplicable ways. Well, lookee here… 50 years old and not making a SCRAP of sense.

I had 20 years of crap built up in me. There was so much stuff crammed into my head that there was no room for any new thoughts. Old thoughts, stuff that I’d thought I’d got rid of years before, were reappearing. I was defaulting to the patterns from my childhood: beliefs about scarcity and lack and what was and wasn’t possible for me, how I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, creative enough… I just wasn’t enough. And this is from someone who’d spent a FORTUNE on personal development and business coaching. I’d spent YEARS working with business coaches and I was thinking about LOOKING FOR A JOB! What the hell was that about? What was I even thinking?

Like I said, it’s the hormones! And it may or may not be, but no matter where we’re at, there’s always a way to get back onto a path that feels good and create the things that we really want in our lives: great relationships, great health & fitness, feeling excited about life, bringing to life all the ideas that we’ve had for businesses or art or charities or education, and knowing that they’ll happen just because we decide to make them happen.

Welcome, ladies, to the hilarious, unbalancing, highly erratic, confronting opportunity that confronts us all when we get to middle age. It’s time to recreate things.

K xxx

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