“I need help!” I said to my brother, “I’ve got these programs sitting there, ready to go and I feel bad because they’re just going to waste. You’re good at selling, and I hate selling, so can you give me a hand?”


I had a kind of vague , wishy-washy, airy-fairy idea that Alan (former radio presenter, master salesman, sports commentator and general all-round gasbag who could talk himself onto a mars-bound spaceship) would maybe do all the talking for me and somehow sell my programs. Honestly, I really had no idea what it would look like at all.

And I certainly didn’t expect what I ended up with: several hours of me and my brother laughing and poking fun at ourselves, each other and the world in general.

Check out the first video, (a tiny) part of last nights’ conversation where Alan tells me to “Stop being so poor!” and we do an impression of what it would be like doing a livestream from while standing on a vibro plate…

I recommend...

It always makes a difference when something is recommended by someone you trust. Here are Elizabeth's favourite books.

I recommend...

It always makes a difference when something is recommended by someone you trust. Here are some of my favourite books.

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