Hi! And welcome! I’m Karen O’Connor and this is me in the photo on the right: a 50-something, happily married mother-of-four (I’m saying that not just because it’s true but also in the hope that it helps stop all the friend requests & messages from weird guys), self-made millionaire, serial entrepreneur, blogger and mindset coach/mentor/expert kind of person who is unable to sit still for five minutes.

I’ve tried the whole ‘focus on one thing and do it really well’ numerous times during my life, and I ended up doing it not very well at all, to be honest. It’s just so boring, doing one thing!

And, besides which, life is NEVER about one thing, is it?

I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, an entrepreneur, a property investor, a quantity surveyor, a synchronised swimmer, a bit of a gym junkie, a horse rider who likes to sew and cook and make soaps and skincare.

Oh yes, I’m a blogger and writer, too; I forgot about that bit! I’ve also been a life coach (I hate that term but I can’t think of a better one) since 2002.

I like to have fun. I like to laugh until I cry. I like to smile. I like to poke fun at things. I like to think I’m funny. I love having friends around for coffee or dinner. I also like to have a LOT of money. I just don’t see the point in struggling or limitations around money, it doesn’t make sense to me, and I LOVE to see other people get past their money blocks and create the things they want, too.

But I also want to share just… stuff, too, the things that interest me, the health tips, the fitness ideas, the recipes, the (sometimes hilarious) results of my attempts at arts, crafts & home making things that I could buy much more easily in the shops, the trials and tribulations of parenthood and the ongoing evolution of our relationships. This is about LIFE, not just one thing; life.

Like a lot of women my age, the vast majority of my life has gone into bringing up the kids and all of the effort, heartache, joy and laughter that entails. I think that when we get to a certain age, we have no one focus, we have multiple interests. We’ve tried a lot of things over the course of our lives and we’re good at any number of things (and we can admit that we’re pretty awful at some other things, too!).

One thing we’re really good at is putting other people first. I don’t know about you, but I spent so long putting other people’s needs first that I simply forgot how to even consider my own needs. It’s been a very painful process remembering how to do that. I spent so long suppressing my own wants and needs that, in the end, I forgot how to say yes to myself; I simply didn’t know what it was I wanted. Life wasn’t a very pleasant experience for a few years there.

The purpose of this website, blog and all the freebies, programs & resources is to help women who are going through the same things that I went through, that loss of purpose, the feeling of ‘what’s the point’ that seems to pervade our lives at a certain point, that sense of confusion, loss & bewilderment. Picking ourselves up from that can feel overwhelmingly difficult, and I wish I’d known that other women had gone through the same experience and had redefined themselves & their lives, because that was what I really needed. I needed someone to say “Oh my god, I totally get you! This is what happened to me and this is how I moved beyond it”. Having gone into the MAWS of life and come out the other side, I can tell you that it’s a simple process. It’s not always easy, but it is simple.

The thing is, if you’re anything like me, you don’t have ONE interest, ONE focus, ONE passion (except maybe your partner, but you know what I mean 😜). We are MULTI-talented, MULTI-passionate, MASSIVELY experienced in a MULTITUDE of things, MARVELOUSLY delightful, Mistresses of Attitude, Women of Strength.

So, let’s poke some fun at ourselves and the things that are happening to our bodies. Let’s chat about the things we’ve experienced in raising our kids, the changing relationships, the empty nest, how we keep our relationships with our partners alive and happy, how we drive them insane sometimes and vice versa, food, drink (love my wine), health, fitness, mindset and money, our dreams and desires, recreating things for ourselves.

And there lies my true passion and purpose: having people remember that they really can create EVERYTHING that they want. And have fun while they do it. And feel loved, and be filled with & surrounded by laughter.

So come and join me, because life… it’s all about the attitude!

K xxx

PS This website is a definite work in progress. In moving all my stuff off Facebook and onto here, there’s a lot of work entailed, linking things up, finding the right resources, putting up blog posts, getting everything organised an looking pretty (ish), so please be patient and come back regularly to check on things. Better still, join one of the mailing lists or sign up for one of the free downloads and I’ll update you as things come together.

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