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  • How to deal with the online fakery
    This has been a week of contrasts: some very high high points and some pretty awful points, too… Actually, it wasn’t that they were awful, they were just huge, and a massive lesson for me. If you know me at all, you’ll know that […]
  • How to stop with the goal setting and get creative instead!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Is anyone in the space of “thank god that year is over”? I’m kind of not, but where I am at is, “Wow! How can so much change in ONE YEAR?” 2020 felt like a bit of a cathartic, transformational year for me: I […]
  • Menopause, Marriage and MotherhoodHow To Spot A Self Centred, Egotistical, Narcissist
    THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF AND BEING A SELF-CENTRED, EGOTISTICAL, NARCISSIST Wheeeewwww, no holds barred on that title, then? Let’s go back almost four years. I started working with someone who is all about […]
  • Menopause, Marriage and MotherhoodWhat To Do When People Spew Hate Filled Rhetoric
    I’M REALLY UPSET  Well, more disappointed, maybe a little heartbroken. I’ve certainly had any illusions that I may have held shattered. The posts I put up yesterday about people posting half truths and lies came off the back of the actions of […]
  • Menopause, Marriage and MotherhoodWhat To Do When You Don’t Fit In
    I’ve rarely admitted this outside of my close family and friends because the whole world LOVES Oprah and they get pretty rabid when I say there’s just something about her that I don’t like. II don’t know what it is, I just […]
  • How To Cope When Your Child Suffers Permanent Brain Damage
    I had a long conversation with Kira about her concussion the other day… …if you don’t know, Kira was thrown from a horse and suffered a severe concussion 5 years ago that resulted in her missing 6 months of school in Year 10 and – […]
  • Menopause, Marriage and MotherhoodWhat If You Are Really A Pretty Amazing Person
    These are my musings, right? I could turn this into a long-winded lecture about how we could all start accepting ourselves as who we are, blah blah. I’m not gonna. Partly because I don’t like (i.e. can’t relate to) that whole airy-fairy, woo-woo, dippy […]
    I’ve been quiet on this one. I’ve really tried not to say anything. I don’t invite negative shizzle into my life and this is as negative as it gets. Only I can’t keep quiet because then I’m called a racist: silence is violence and all that judgemental […]
  • Menopause, Marriage and MotherhoodWhy We Need To Stop Spreading The Darkness
    GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A**E AND STOP SHOWERING YOUR CRAP ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA This pandemic and the whole stay-at-home thing has brought out some hitherto hidden talents in some people. People that I previously believed to be logical, down-to-earth […]
  • Menopause, Marriage and MotherhoodHow To Embrace Your Strengths
    I learned something very interesting this morning: I’ve lived my entire life being afraid the whole time (with the occasional foray into outright terror).I know we’re all scared a lot of the time, but this is the flavour of my life. My core […]