The Menopause, Marriage & Motherhood Podcast

My epitaph would read: She Was Good At Cleaning

I remember the moment I realised that keeping a clean house was likely to be the main achievement of my life. What had happened to me?

I like to have fun and laugh and create and explore and discover things.

Or I used to, anyway. I kind of felt like I’d forgotten how to play and connect and beunbothered and unfettered by obligations and responsibilities and concerns about what other people think.

Middle Aged Womens Stuff

Every single woman – including you – has an extraordinary story to share,  things to offer as support or inspiration to other women. We also thrive when we feel supported, understood and heard.

The podcast/blog lets you share in those stories and the Facebook group (join here, we have so much fun!) lets you connect with and support other women.

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