• The top cashback sites in Australia & NZ
  • What is a cashback site?
  • How do they work?
  • Why can they offer you money back?
  • How much will I get back?
  • What stores are on there?
  • How much is it to join?
  • Is it worth it?

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As I’ve been researching for these articles, I’ve noticed that there are heaps and HEAPS of so-called ‘cashback’ sites in the US & Canada, but I’ve never really heard of them being in Australia or New Zealand.

While I’ll do another article in the coming weeks about cashback sites worldwide, for now, I’m going to concentrate on Australia because there seems to be a dearth of info about Aussie & Kiwi cashback sites, so here goes.

What are cashback sites?

Cashback sites are huge in North America. Basically, what they do (as the name suggests) is they give you a percentage of your purchase price back.

How can they do this? Cashback sites and apps works on a referral system: they refer customers to retailers, the retailers pay them a commission for doing that, and the cashback site passes some of that commission on to you, the customer.

How does it work? You just log on and do your shopping through each site…

And I’m talking about everyday grocery shopping as well as occasional one-off big purchases here, too! Everyone from Coles to BWS to David Jones to eBay, Adidas, Bras & Things, and Cotton On are on these sites.

How much can you earn/save?

These cashback sites aren't about making massive savings in one hit, but they will save you money (as long as you don’t buy things that you don’t need in the first place!), and, let's face it, the money is better off in our pocket than someone else's, right?.

The discounts might not sound like much, but let's take Coles as an example. Coles offers an 8.5% discount. If you spend an average of $400 a week on groceries, over the year, the 8.5% cashback adds up to…


That's a lot of money! We could all do with an extra $1,773.

This is going back to that old saying: take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves (I'm from England). It's absolutely true. Take care of the little things around money and you'll be surprised at how quickly your wealth builds.

Trust me on this; as someone who has never taken care of the pennies until recently, when you actually do start to take care of your money, the money seems to respond by gong into dark corners and doing whatever it needs to do to multiply.

It's your money, take care of it

Money takes itself off and populates your world. Seriously. I'm not suggesting that you become really frugal and your wallet is so rarely used that moths fly out of it when you open it, but I am suggesting that you love your money and take care of it.

Read these articles to find out more about money & how it responds to the energy you put into it:

The amount you get back varies between stores but is anywhere from 2-10% or a flat cashback fee. When you search your store within the app or on the website, it tells you exactly what the cashback is.

What I didn’t expect was to get literally thousands of dollars back on my life insurance policy and mortgage through a cashback site! But I did!

So, let’s have a look at them. Right now, there are three main sites available in Australia & New Zealand: Cashback Club, Shopback and Cashrewards

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1. Cashback Club

Winner of Money Magazine’s Best Cashback Site in 2015, Cashback Club has plenty of big names for you to shop at:

  • Asos – up to 7% cashback
  • The Iconic – up to 15% cashback
  • Expedia.com.au – up to 7.69% cashback
  • Avis & Budget car hire – up to 7% cashback
  • Rebel Sport – up to 7.5% cashback
  • Global Shop Direct – up to 12.5% cashback
  • Marks & Spencers – up to 12% cashback
  • Microsoft – up to 10% cashback

Cashback Club doesn’t have the day-to-day shopping or as long a list of retailers as Cashrewards, but there’s still a comprehensive list of retailers offering great cashbacks.

Cashback Club comes into its own in Insurance & mortgages.

Banks and Insurance companies pay generous ongoing trailing commissions to brokers who introduce the customers to them. These ongoing commissions can be substantial, in some cases as high as 30% of the policy premiums.

As a home loan & insurance broker, Cashback Club collects these commissions and forwards them to their customers.

For me, it meant a cashback of several thousand dollars!

Cashback Club do Car, Travel & Pet Insurance, as well as Life, Trauma & Income Protection. They also have a mortgage comparison tool if you’re looking to refinance your home.

They may also be able to get you a cashback on your real estate agents fees when you sell your home: up to 20% of the fee cashback!

Cashback Club is free to join, so you’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll get a $5 reward if you refer a friend.

*** Check out Cashback Club here ***

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2. Shopback

Shopback has a huge list of participating retailers with regular bonus cashback offers and coupons from different stores.

In the groceries section, you’ll find:

  • Woolworths – 2.5% cashback
  • Hello Fresh- $35 cashback
  • Dan Murphy’s – 4% cashback
  • and plenty of others

For clothes:

  • The Iconic – up to 12% cashback
  • Asos – up to 8% cashback
  • Nike – up to 5.6% cashback
  • Myer – up to 8% cashback
  • Under Armour – up to 6.5% cashback
  • And many more

Other areas include:

  • Amazon – up to 12% cashback
  • Uber Eats – up to $10 cashback
  • Booking.com – up to 4% cashback

There are hundreds of retailers to choose from, weekly coupons and special offers,  it’s free to join and you get a $5 reward when you refer friends. Shopback also has higher discounts at some of the stores than the other two sites, so make sure you check it out. What is there to lose?

*** Jump into Shopback here ***

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3. Cashrewards

Cashrewards is possibly the biggest cashback site in Australia/NZ (though don’t quote me on that!).

It not only has cashback but it also has special offers on top of the cashback. For example, at the time of writing, Bonds is offering 40% off sitewide PLUS 5.6% cashback, Dell is offering triple cashback plus 48% off selected desktops, and Coles is offering new customers 8.5% cashback.

Cashrewards list of retailers is impressive.

In fashion and clothing, you’ll find:

  • Adidas – 5% cashback
  • Boo Hoo 4.9% cashback
  • Vans – 5.6% cashback
  • Nike – 5.6% cashback
  • Supre – 4.9% cashback
  • Cue – 5.6% cashback
  • And hundreds of others

Food & drink has:

  • Deliveroo – up to 8% cashback
  • TGI Fridays – up to 10% cashback
  • T2 – 6.3% cashback
  • Coles – 8.5% cashback
  • Liquorland – 2.45% cashback
  • And many more

Home & lifestyle includes:

  • Adairs – 4.2% cashback
  • Bed, Bath & Table – 5.2% cashback
  • House – 5.6% cashback
  • Sheridan – 5.6% cashback
  • Freedom 2.5% cashback
  • Snooze – 3.5% cashback
  • And hundreds more

There are thousands of retailers on this site, in everything from shoes to bedding to kitchenware to hotels to car hire to flights to books to table lamps, it’s all there.

And since it costs nothing to join – and, like the other two, you get $5 whenever you refer a friend – you have nothing to lose, even if you only use it once or twice a year.

*** Click here to join Cashrewards ***

My advice? Join all three sites and flit between them, depending on who offers the biggest discount at the store you're shopping at. Just on your regular shops, you can save thousands of dollars a year. When you add cashback on your insurance policies and mortgage, you're looking at a hefty annual saving.

*** Click here to join Cashrewards (thousands of retailers) ***

*** Jump into Shopback here (potentially higher discounts) ***

*** Check out Cashback Club here (get $$ back on your insurances & mortgages) ***


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