• How to turn your finances around
    • Stop operating on auto pilot with regards to money as well as the rest of your life
    • Choose how your week will go
    • View your money situation from a new perspective
    • Create a fresh financial future

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What’s your week going to be like?

Let’s start with an easy topic, because we all know that trying to change our money situation is fraught with angst and hard work, right?

So, let’s start with something a little less challenging: if you could choose one overall theme that you will experience this week, what would it be?

One overriding theme that will define your week and that you’ll use to describe this week when you look back on it.

Think of all the ways you could describe your upcoming week. There’s the negative ones:

  • rotten
  • tough
  • hard work
  • upsetting
  • sad
  • miserable
  • lonely
  • awful, etc

Then there’s the nondescript descriptions:

  • meh
  • average
  • so-so
  • could be better
  • I’ve had worse
  • okay
  • fair to middling, etc.

Then there’s the positive ways:

  • good
  • great
  • really nice
  • amazing
  • awesome
  • brilliant
  • so cool
  • wonderful, etc.

Here’s the thing: we really can do this.

We really can choose how our week goes.

We get a say in this. It’s what actually happens.

Most of the time, we’re on autopilot

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that we can do this and so we don’t take the time to CONSCIOUSLY define our weeks, we just kind of mosey along with what’s “always” happened and we allow our subconscious to choose for us.

But if we want our life to go in a different direction, if we want something different to what we have now, like more money, some fun, amazing relationships, a fabulous business…

Whatever it is we want, we need to actively, consciously choose what we want our life to look like.

This is how we turn our week from banal to brilliant.

How to turn your week from banal to brilliant

So in that case, what will it be? What will your life look like? It could be…






Unexpected windfalls…

Being organised…

Being connected…

Knowing that everything is working out perfectly…

Your money situation is never about the money

Remember, your money and your money situation IS NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY.

It’s about your beliefs, about what you believe you can and can’t have, what you believe you need to do to have money, what you believe you need to be.

It’s often much easier to figure out what’s going on in another area of your life and then see how that applies to money for you.

Also, those suggestions might not appear to be about money at first glance, but they definitely are.

How would things be different if you had FUN around money?

How would things be different if some laughter was brought into your life around money?

What about love? Do you love money? Or do you hate it?

Do you feel that you can’t like or love money because that would turn you into someone greedy?

Choose your theme

So, what overall theme are you taking on for your life this week?

How will that affect things for you with regards to money?

For me, I’m going to have fun and laughter. Let me know what you’re going to do.

K xxx

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