If you feel like you're facing a financial future that's not what you want (debt, not enough money, bankruptcy, even), here's how to plan your way out of it.

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If you already had the wealth you want, would you behave differently?

I’ve been asking myself this for the last few days: if I had my hugely successful dream business, what would I be doing right now / today / this week?

How would my life look different?

I’m pretty good at generating money when I need it, I’m not so crash hot at being consistent. I LOOK as though I’m being consistent and productive and focused, but I know I’m not. I know that if I was focused, I’d achieve way more in a much shorter space of time than I do right now.

And I know that I can because I’ve done it before.

So, if I had my hugely successful dream business right now, what would I be doing each day?

And what would I be doing differently?

What are you doing right now that you wouldn't be doing?

Would I be cooking for everyone? Well, actually, yes I would, because I enjoy cooking for everyone. I don’t like cleaning up but I’ve managed to enrol my husband & kids into doing that: I cook, they clean. It seems to be working and while the kids might not be happy about cleaning up, they don’t really mind.

Would I be spending time on social media? Yes, but it would be with a purpose: to answer comments/questions, to interact. It’s so easy to spend several hours just scrolling through social media looking at what other people are doing.

Would I be exercising and putting aside time for doing things that I enjoy every day? Definitely. I haven’t been doing that much, lately, either, which is probably why I feel so drained and why I’m sick now.

I KNOW when I’m not doing what I ought to be doing because I feel irritable and cranky.

The questions to ask

1. What do I want?

To begin to get clear on this (and I say “begin” because it's something that we all need to revisit regularly), first we need to ask ourselves these questions:

    1. What are my goals for my life & finances?
    2. Where do I want to be in 6 or 12 months?
    3. What does financial independence (i.e. freedom from any financial worries/concerns) look like for me? (If you haven’t worked that out already, do so right now.)

2. What do things look like right now?

Then we need to look at our lives right now, with total honesty & clarity, objectively and dispassionately:

    1. What does my average day look like?
    2. How will it be different when I live my dream life?
      1. What will my day look like then?
      2. What will I be doing?
      3. How will it be different to what I'm doing right now?
      4. What WON’T I be doing that I'm doing right now?

3. What do I need to do to get to where i want to go?

    1. What do I need to do NOW that will get me to where you want to be?
    2. What is ESSENTIAL to my future success?
    3. Looking back from that future, what do I need to do RIGHT NOW to make that success inevitable?

Go and do it. If you’re serious about changing your money situation, go and do it.

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