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This is the reason you don’t have everything you want right now

Have you noticed that wishing for something doesn’t mean you get it?

Or that no matter how many affirmations you do, you still don’t get what you want?

Or how dreaming about winning the lottery or coming into an unexpected & huge amount of money doesn’t make it happen?

And have you ever wondered why?

It’s really simple: you’re not an energetic or vibrational match for what it is you’re wishing for.

That might sound really woo-woo but if you can grasp this concept, you’ll understand what it is you need to do to get everything you want.

This is quite possibly the most important thing you can do in your life.

What happens when you’re not a vibrational match

I was watching a TV program called “Escape to the Continent” last week about English couples wanting to move to mainland Europe. The TV show asks them what kind of place they want and where and they go and help them find it.

This particular couple wanted somewhere in France and a joke was made about how their ultimate dream was to own a French Chateau; wouldn’t that be just amazing?

They were an average income, run-of-the-mill couple from northern England, who’d worked hard and saved up all their lives, they wanted a place with spare rooms or villas that they could maybe rent out in the holiday season and earn a bit of an income from them.

As they’d requested, dreamed of, wished for, one of the places they were taken to look at as a potential purchase was…

A chateau.

A beautiful chateau that had been turned into a 6-bed B&B that gave a nice little income.

What do you think their reaction was?

The husband loved it, the wife was horrified. She could hardly even walk around the place because there was the possibility that she might own it.

She might dream of owning a chateau, but when faced with the physical reality of that possibility, it just wasn’t for her.

At all.

She couldn’t wait to get out of the place.

She wasn’t a vibrational/energetic match for that kind of display of wealth or whatever it was that triggered her.

Could you fly first class?

Someone I know had built her business to the point where she could afford to fly first class.

It had been her dream for years, being able to afford to fly first class meant all sorts of things to her: she’d made it, her money troubles were over, she was successful, whatever else.

She hated every minute of being in first class.

She couldn’t settle, she couldn’t sleep, she felt like she was being a nuisance, she felt like she didn’t belong there.

Despite all the dreams & visualising, she simply wasn’t a vibrational/energetic match for being in first class.

It takes effort to change

What you can receive, what you can have, doesn’t change instantly just because you want it to. I mean, it probably can, but it’s highly unlikely; it’s something we have to work our way up to.

It’s like going to the gym; it’s very difficult at first and slowly, we work our way up to a point where we can’t imagine being as unfit as we were when we started.

That’s how this works. Just because you can’t do bicep curls with 10kgs on your first day at the gym, doesn’t mean you’re never going to be able to do bicep curls with 10kgs.

It’s about practise.

And so is getting wealthy.

The step between living in a semi-detached house in northern England and a chateau in France was too big.

The step being flying economy (coach) and the luxury of first class was too big.

Keep practising

It’s about training and increments. It’s about practise and learning how to do things differently.

If you went to the gym and tried to do bicep curls with 10kg weights on your first day, you’d probably strain something, and even if you didn’t, you’d be too sore to lift anything for a good few days, right?

It’s the same with getting the things we want in our lives.

I’m talking specifically about money here, but it applies to everything else.

It’s the reason why most lottery winners either go broke or they can’t cope with the wealth and their lives break down: they’ve gone in the gym and done 10kg bicep curls on the first day and they can’t cope with it.

Wow, that was a good analogy! Sometimes, I impress myself!

But if you work at it, regularly and diligently, as you would if you were going to the gym, pretty soon, you WILL become a vibrational match, and the things you want WILL come into your life.

Not all areas of your life are the same

And it might not all come at once in every area of your life. I have absolutely no problems walking into a Maserati showroom and checking everything out. I have no problems saying to the sales person, “Don’t bother telling me about the lower prices, I just want top of the range. If I’m going to get a Maserati, I’m going to get the top one.”

I actually did this when my Dad was over a couple of months ago. Our local shopping centre had a Maserati display and my Dad – who’s a motorbike enthusiast – was wow-ing at the cars.

I’m not impressed by cars or bikes, so they hold no intimidation for me; I’m just not interested in them. Mainly so Dad could get to look at the cars, I wandered over and started chatting to the sales person about the cars and getting them to show them to me.

My Dad didn’t really come along with me, he hung back and checked out everything from a distance: he was intimidated, and they weren’t a vibrational match.

Now, while I can test try very expensive cars with no compunction, I get quite confronted when I go into the likes of Louis Vuitton or Gucci. I’m not a vibrational match with them…

Partly because I’m not sure I want to be.

Find out what you’re a vibrational match with

It’s an interesting thing to observe: watching your vibration change from where it was to where you want it to be and figuring out that there are some things that you want to be a vibrational match for and other things that you’re really not interested in.

I can feel things changing with regards to income; I’ve said before that one of the things that I’ve struggled with is creating income myself.

I can get other people to create massive income – John, friends, clients – but creating it myself is an entirely different matter.

But I can feel it shifting, I’ve let go of some beliefs (I can’t, I’m not good enough, rich people are not nice, asking for money is somehow rude) and they’re being replaced with “I allow myself to receive” and “I experience abundance for myself, in my own right”. I can feel that change happening.

Daily habits & practises are the key to changing your vibration

99% of getting wealthy and staying wealthy – in other words, financial independence – is all in the mind. It’s mindset work.

It’s not just a matter of doing the practical, day-to-day money management stuff, it’s all about how you think and changing that vibrational energy.

It’s about working at it constantly, daily, building up that muscle until you’re comfortable with what you want and you’re a vibrational/energetic match for it.

Otherwise, you might get what you ask for and be so confronted/scared by it that you run in the opposite direction; the woman who’d talked about owning the chateau decided not to move to France at all. That would be so sad.

Just keep working at it, daily. And notice the differences.

What differences can you feel in what you’re vibrationally aligned to?

Has this article lit any lightbulbs for you?

Has it given you an A-HA moment?

I’d love to hear.

K xxx

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