• Is fear of success is keeping you from being wealthy
    • Why there might be a downside to having money
    • How to find out what that downside is (for you)
    • How to take back control


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Are you more afraid of failure… or success?

That sounds like a weird question, but it’s not.

Surprisingly, succeeding at something can be as terrifying as failure…

particularly around something like being wealthy, getting rich or having lots of money.


Becoming rich will change who you are for everyone

Because going from being a normal, ‘poor’, blue- or white-collar worker to being wealthy will change everything.

It will change everything for you and your life, but it will also change who you are for other people. It will change the way they see you and, quite possibly, it will change their whole attitude towards you.

Being ‘poor' keeps you safe

At least, that’s one of the things you might be scared of. It was one of my blocks: I was afraid of being ostracised from my working-class extended family because I was now one of those rich, fat cats who have made their money on the back of the poor, downtrodden workers.

Journal about it

This is an exercise we need to do regularly but particularly if we've been trying to change our financial situation for a while but haven't managed to make any headway.

Get out a pen and paper and ask yourself:

  • What are the downsides of being rich?
  • Are there negatives (of course there are!)? What are they?
  • What am I scared of?
  • Why could staying ‘poor' be safer for me?

Keep writing until you don't want to write any more. Then keep going. When you get to the bit where you think there's nothing else, and you keep going, that where the real gold is.

Share what you discover

Please share what comes up for you in the comments below, or message me and let me know.

The reasons are twofold:

  1. You never know who it might help.
  2. Getting that stuff out into the world takes its power away and puts the power back into your court.

I can't wait to hear from you​

K xxx

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