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For the last few years, I’ve dithered in and out of trying to make money online. I’ve thrown in the towel on a couple of occasions, had numerous tantrums, accused others of only making money because they’ve been doing it for ages, and no one can do that these days (isn’t that kind of like “it takes money to make money”?)

I’ve flogged Facebook and Facebook ads to bits, trying to build a business on there.

I’ve made half-hearted attempts to conquer the always-beautiful world of Instagram.

I’ve launched myself onto LinkedIn, though heaven knows why because I didn’t like the corporate world when I was in it. Goodness knows why I’d like it when I’ve been out of it for several decades.

Finally, I gave up on the whole social media thing, and focused solely on my website, putting my posts & articles up on there and pinning them on Pinterest through Tailwind (I can see that there are a LOT of articles that I need to write here!)


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But the issue still remained: how was I going to earn money from doing what I enjoyed – writing?

About a year ago, a friend said to me that in her opinion, the way to go with a blog was to do Affiliate Marketing. I kind of checked it out, but it all sounded too confusing to me, so I gave up.

But let me ask you this: did you know that you could make an income by blogging?

You know that every YouTube video you watch is making money, right? Well, most blogs are, too.

And you can make money even as a brand new blogger.

So, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product, course or service (or whatever it is they are selling) and you earn a commission. The commission is usually paid on a percent basis.

For example, let’s say you purchased a course for $100 and you loved it and had to share it with others. You then discover that the creator of this course has an affiliate program. The creator offers a 30% commission on all sales, which means you would get $30 in commission for each sale that you make.

Now, I knew all that but even with several years of experience at trying to make money online, affiliate marketing still sounded way too hard to me.

Then, a few weeks ago, the same program appeared three times in the space of a couple of weeks. I tend to pay attention when something like that happens. There are a lot of things available on the internet, so for the same thing to crop up three times when I have tracking blockers going and I delete my browsing history and I use no-follow browsers, it’s really weird.

There was no one targeting this program at me because of my browsing history but it still kept cropping up: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

I checked it out and signed up for the program and boy, did I get my money’s worth.

The creator of the program, Michelle, started her blog, Making Sense of Cents (definitely check it out), in 2011 at the age of 22.

When she had first started her blog, like the rest of us, she had no idea that you could make money by blogging but she now earns over $150,000 every month from her blog (she shows her income reports on her blog – you can see them here).

She also made over $50,000 from ONE blog post only. Just wow.

The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Investment: $197 or two payments of $105.

Is this investment worth it for your blog? YES! There is absolutely no need to fluff around trying to learn it by yourself and reinventing the wheel (something I do occasionally!).

If you want to make money from your blog, or if you’re just starting out and looking to create a blog, this course will get you moving in the right direction.

Click here to check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Michelle breaks down everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and will show you exactly what to do to make your first affiliate sale and grow things from there.

Here’s a review of the course by Sara at Gatheringdreams.com

My honest opinion

What I love about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is that it is a text base course. Don’t get me wrong, I do love video courses – but I do much prefer text based courses. I feel like I can gain more information when things are actually written down!

I love taking notes when I take a new course. Why? Because I feel like everything makes much more sense when taking your own notes. So, definitely go ahead and take down notes – no matter which course you’re taking!

I love how Michelle makes everything as simple as possible for you and I love how she does not fluff around, plus for the price of this course – you will gain so much information and actionable tips to apply to your blog right away. Your head may even want to fall off – so I do recommend reading a section, writing down notes, reading your notes and coming back to the next section. Don’t feel like you need to overwhelm yourself.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to be an older blogger to make your first affiliate sale, you can be a new blogger and start monetizing your blog right away!

She keeps the course updated and fresh at all times! You won’t need to worry about purchasing this course and having it go out of date. The course is always kept current – which a huge plus! I had purchased a Pinterest course a while ago – and it didn’t get updated for over a year and most of the content in the course was so outdated – it was definitely not worth the hefty price tag.

What if you don’t have a lot of traffic coming to your blog?

Don’t stress! Michelle has you COVERED! I honestly thought I could not make an affiliate sale as a new blogger, because my blog was not getting enough traffic – but I was wrong! You still can make affiliate sales even with low page views.

You don’t have to have millions or hundreds of thousands of page views to make your first affiliate sale – take that from me!

You can get started right away!

If you’re looking to start your blog or turn your blog into a business – I would definitely recommend investing in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – stop second guessing yourself.

You could definitely learn all of this on your own – but if you’re looking to monetize right away I would jump in and take this course.

The great thing is you don’t have to feel like you’re rushed to take the course – you can take it at your own pace and time.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to take a shortcut to making money online, check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing here.

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