by Kat Loterzo

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Kat went from being beyond broke – around $100,000 in debt – to currently earning around $400,000.

A month.

I first met Kat in 2016 when I bought another one of her books – 100 S**t Hot Journalling Questions – and then enrolled in one of her programs. After that, she became my mentor and friend.

She's one of the most insightful people I've ever met, seeing right to the heart of whatever is going on for people.

In this book, she details out exactly how to go from broke to rich. What you need to do, what you need to look at, and what actions you need to take.

What if I was to tell you that there's a secret to creating wealth, one that many truly RICH and ‘overnight rags to riches' people already know and are in fact HIDING from you?

And what if I was to tell you that making a lot of money – heck even ANY money – does NOT have to be hard, and with just a few simple changes to the way you THINK about money, you too could create a flow of wealth that becomes so damn strong you couldn't stop it if you wanted to?

And what I was to tell you, that despite EVERYTHING you've ever been taught or deep-down-no-matter-how-hard-you've-fought-it, held to be true, you can do all of this NOW, in an instant, with the click of your fingers?

…You can have it all.”

Written specifically with women in mind, this book gets right to the heart of the matter as to why many women are trapped in poverty and what we can all do to change that.

A must read book.