• 4 SIMPLE steps to uncover your DEEP money blocks
  • Get past the surface stuff that you think are the real blocks to becoming wealthy
  • Uncover the REAL truth as to why you’re still ‘poor’
  • If you’re wondering why none of the mindset work is working, read this article!

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“If I ask people for money, they won’t like me”

This interesting little gem has just come up for me. And I’m working my way through the massive implications. It’s very, very interesting. I’ve done lots of money exercises before but this one has never come up for me.

The thing is, for all the work I’ve done, for all the things I’ve thought I uncovered, it turns  out that none of them were the real, true gold. They were all the Fools’ Gold, sitting on the surface and looking all shiny and pretty and real. To get to the real nuggets, we have to dig deeper.

4 Easy steps to uncover your deep blocks

So here’s what to do…

  1. Grab a pen & paper.

  2. Think back over your life

  3. Write down all the incidents that you can think of that happened for you around money.

Not just the things you thought, the actual incidents and all their details.

For example, I went into the kitchen and asked Mum for some money. She said “If you can find any money in my wallet, you can have it” and there was no money in her wallet.

I remember feeling really sad for mum and really horrified that there really wasn’t a single penny in her purse. Not one.

Or, Listening to dad talking about how his business partner had taken all their products and the money and how he was left with nothing from all that hard work again. It was the “again” that really hit home for me.

Really get present to the incident and where you were, what you were doing and what you felt.

We know what our money stories are when we start doing a little digging, but really getting present to the actual incident can quite often open up an entirely new world of things.

This is about DIGGING DEEP!

So dig DEEP.

When something comes up, assume that it’s actually Fools’ Gold and keep digging. Just because you haven’t uncovered it before doesn’t mean that it’s the ultimate story that you have; keep digging.

Just keep digging.

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