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*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link on this blog. I would never recommend a product I don’t use or love myself! You can read our disclosure here.Have you ever considered your feelings towards money from the point of view of your values?

Having said that, do you know what your values are?

If you don’t, I strongly suggest you spend a little while working them out. Hang on, I don’t even strongly suggest…



I can’t emphasise this enough: if you want to live the kind of life you dream of, you’ve GOT TO KNOW YOUR VALUES.

Your values are your guiding light along the path of life…

Okay, I’ve picked myself up off the floor, wiped the tears from my eyes and stopped laughing for long enough to carry on with this article! I can’t believe I came out with that last sentence!

[vomits into basket at the thought of that sentence coming out of her mouth]

But you get the picture, right? Just don’t surround it in pink fairy dust, that’s all.

Your values are what makes you feel good or bad about something. You know when you get a gut feeling that you shouldn’t do something? That’s because it goes against your values.

You know when an opportunity comes up and you just KNOW you’re meant to do it? That’s because it aligns with your values.

The thing is, though, if you aren’t FULLY AWARE of what your values are and if they don’t exist in your day to day life as something real and tangible and pivotal to every decision that you make, then you’re going to miss most of the stuff your values are telling you: you’re only going to hear something when your values are shouting from the rooftops or yodelling from the mountainside, if you prefer that analogy.

(If you want to find out exactly how you can figure out what your values are and how to align yourself with them, read this book by my friend Kat Loterzo. It’s amazing.)Your values are your access to your gut instinct, your intuition, your higher self, whatever you want to call it.

Your values allow you to know INSTANTLY whether you’re on the right track or not, whether you should say yes or no.

Your values give you access to knowledge that your brain can’t even imagine: it doesn’t exist in your brain’s reality. It’s still there, your brain simply can’t perceive it. Your values, your instincts & higher self, they can all see it.

Now, consider this – and this is where I actually wanted to go with this article before I got rudely interrupted by values – most of us don’t think of MONEY/wealth/abundance as being covered by our values.

Money is something physical, tangible and scarce for most of us, right?

If you speak to almost anyone who has created a lot of money and they’ll tell you that money is just an idea, it’s just energy. If you align yourself with it, it’s there, but you can only see it from the right perspective.

And the right perspective?

Being in alignment with your values.

If money, wealth & abundance is simply another area of your life, then you’ve got to be in alignment with your values in order to achieve the things you want in that area.

Most of us are great at asking for money

And useless at receiving it.

Consider this: if you’re asking for money and not being open to receiving it, it’s like piling stuff on your dinner plate and then not eating it.

If one of your values is honesty, where’s the honesty in that? You’re saying you want something but then you don’t eat it?

If one of your values is integrity, how are you being your word? You say you want the food but then don’t eat it.

If one of your values is ownership/responsibility, how is that showing up here?

What about love or compassion? You know you want the food, you put it on your plate and then you make yourself go hungry. Where’s the love and compassion in that?

Do you see what I’m saying? If you know you truly want something, in this case money but it could apply to anything you say you want, you’ve thought about it, dreamt about it and wished for it

You’ve already put it on your plate.

It’s sitting there right in front of you

And you’re not eating it.

You’re out of integrity.

You’re not being responsible or taking ownership.

There’s no honesty in behaving like this.

Show yourself some compassion. Be grateful for the fact that the universe has presented you with EXACTLY what you asked for.


You asked for it. It’s your responsibility to eat it.

You asked for money, a relationship, happiness, a great body… it’s right there, waiting for you.

Get in alignment with your values and take what’s being offered.

Take responsibility.

Where in your life can you see this happening? How are you letting yourself down because you’re not fully living in alignment with your values? What can you do right now to get into alignment? There’s no work involved in getting into alignment, by the way, it’s all about letting go, releasing; it’s effortless.

It’s not always easy but being in alignment IS effortless. That’s when you KNOW you’re in alignment.

So, let me know where you’re not in alignment and how you’re going to get into alignment.

Much love

K xxx

PS This was meant to be a 300 word post! Oops! I got a bit passionate about the whole thingPPS If you want to find out exactly how you can figure out what your values are and how to align yourself with them, read this book by my friend Kat Loterzo. It’s amazing. You can find out about other books by Kat here.

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