• What to do when it turns out that the negative things we say or believe are true
    • How that truth sabotages our attempts to change
    • Why we've given up on being able to have everything we want
    • How to use those negative things to get the things we want – the money, the love, the life

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What to do when negative beliefs come up

“I can't do this myself”

I was in a weekend mastermind, listening to a mindset coach, doing the exercises she’d given us, and that comment came out.

“Like, really?” I thought (yes, I do talk like a teenager in the not-so-quiet recesses of my mind… sometimes I do, anyway), “What’s that about?”

The trouble was, it really rang true. If I look at everything I’ve done in business or in life in general, I have this underlying belief that I need someone else in order to make it work, the reason being, I’m not good enough.

At least, I’m not at EVERYTHING.

That’s not a negative belief, it’s a fact.

While I’m good at some things and great at others, I’m not good at EVERYTHING, therefore, I MUST need other people to supplement that and make things work, right? It’s LOGICAL. It’s common sense.

It’s simply the truth.

What if our negative beliefs about ourselves are actually TRUE?

But this was interesting; I’d only ever looked at this kind of thing as a negative belief that I somehow needed to let go of before, but then I began to get an inkling of the awful truth:

that belief actually had a basis in FACT.

We are all incapable of doing everything ourselves and also incapable of doing it all well.

That’s the way we’re made, it’s necessary and there’s nothing wrong with that but what I’d done was twisted it round and turned it into a PROOF, total evidence of something.

And then I’d used it to PROVE my ‘deficiencies’ to myself.

Ooh, this was interesting!

Notice all the things you say to yourself

Where else do we do this?I remember when I felt like a complete failure, and this wasn’t all that long ago. I KNEW, I absolutely KNEW that I hadn’t done the right thing by everybody and I’d let myself and my family down.

I KNEW that.

So, what if that wasn’t just something I made up to beat myself up?

What if there was actually a grain of truth in there and I just used something that I knew to be true and turn it into something else?

Because if I did that, then that would make things so much harder to let go of because I would know that it really was the truth, right?

This is the reason you can't get past those negative beliefs

I wouldn’t be lying, I wouldn’t be misleading myself, I’d be stating the truth: I HADN’T done enough, I WAS letting everyone down and I KNEW IT.

Regardless of the reasons, regardless of how understandable it was (and it was), regardless of how much other people thought my feeling that way was completely reasonable, a small part of me KNEW that I could really do something, something more than what I was doing right now, and I just wasn’t doing it because I was allowing myself to wallow in pity/sadness/whatever rather than do what I knew I could do.

Now, I need to say here that I understand that there are times when we NEED to allow ourselves the space to grieve or recover or whatever, I know that. And I needed to give myself the space for a while.

And there comes a point when we KNOW we’ve gone through what we need to go through and now it’s time to move on.

But it’s hard.

It’s difficult to do that.

It takes courage to move out of this comfort zone that we’ve created for ourselves, the comfort zone where we’re protected and supported and understood; it’s safe there.

What we need to recognise

There’s a difference in our experience; that’s what we need to recognise.

Where once we were sad/upset/anxious for a reason, after a while, we’re like that because we’re USED to feeling that way, not because we actually are that way any more.

Then we’ll find ourselves saying things like “I can’t do this by myself” or “I’m letting people down” and there will be a kernel of truth in them, enough for what we say to feel like they are true but there’ll be a feeling in us, at some level, we’ll know that’s not fully true and we’ll know it to be an excuse.

And we’ll probably carry on behaving like that for a while – sometimes a long while – until the pain of being that way goads us into action.

Why we feel emotional/spiritual pain

Consider this: when we’re feeling this way, the amount of pain we’re in, the amount of discomfort that we feel, is an indication of how far away from our true selves that we are.

There are always times in our lives when we’re in pain for whatever reason, but prolonged pain is usually the result of something we’re doing to ourselves.

If we’re in pain, it’s an indicator that we’re not doing what our subconscious knows we’re meant to be doing.

The more pain, the further away we are from where we’re meant to be.

We tolerate things because we're not in enough pain

How much pain are you in right now? Is it enough pain to draw a line in the sand and say “Enough! I am doing this no more”?

When will you be in enough pain?

The danger zone is when you’re not quite in enough pain to do anything about it, and most of us live our lives like that, we tolerate things, put up with them: the job that’s okay, the pay cheque that gets us by, the relationship that’s not quite right but, you know, it’s good enough.

The pain of those things is not quite enough to get us to change anything, so we go through our lives feeling like we’re being ungrateful or unreasonable, and putting up with stuff because it’s not worth doing anything about it.

We've given up on living a life that we love

If we’re not ecstatic, if we’re not leaping out of bed in the mornings, jumping into life like a 4-year old on holiday, we’re not LIVING our lives, we’re existing.

And we’ve been taught that’s okay, that’s how life is.

What if it’s not?

What if we’re meant to live life fully and joyfully?

And by the way, the moment we find ourselves saying “yeah, but how do I live? I’ve got to survive, I’ve got a family to feed, a mortgage to pay, what am I supposed to do about those?”

The moment we find ourselves saying those things is the moment we’re continuing to buy into those stories that have a kernel of truth in them.

There is always a way. Just because we can’t see it from where we are now, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

K xxx


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