• What to do when you’re stuck and don’t seem to be getting ahead, financially or otherwise
    • Why you’re stuck
    • How what we think affects how much money we have
    • How to change the way we think to bring more money (or happiness or love, etc) into our lives

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When you’re stuck…

I was talking to a friend yesterday. She’s done a lot of mindset work, read a lots of books, done seminars and programs, but she’s stuck in the same place, unable to move forwards, not knowing what the block is that’s stopping her from moving forward.

She couldn’t understand it, why was nothing sinking in?

Why was nothing making a difference?

She could see that there was SOMETHING going on but she couldn’t work out what, and no matter how much gratitude she reminded herself to feel, no matter how many affirmations she said, no matter what good things happened in her life, she still kept falling back into the old patterns, leaving her feeling stifled and trapped.

Our minds are like a hoarders’ hovel, stuffed full of junk

Here’s the thing: our minds are like these big empty rooms.

Over the years, as we live, as things happen, we gradually fill them up with more and more ‘stuff’:

      • bad experiences
      • emotions,
      • memories,
      • decisions,
      • meanings,
      • understandings,
      • responsibilities,
      • obligations,
      • duties,
      • expectations, etc

We end up with so much ‘stuff’ in our mind, that there’s hardly any room left to move.

The only pathways through all this ‘stuff’ are the old, familiar, well-trodden ones, that allow us to squeeze past familiar landmarks, while making us do certain things in certain ways, and reinforcing certain beliefs.

It’s all very familiar territory and it constantly reinforces that that’s the ‘way things are’.

We can do as much mindset work as we want, we can read, learn, watch, attend seminars, do everything, but until we get rid of some of the ‘stuff’ that’s already in our minds, THERE’S NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING NEW TO COME IN, regardless of how much we want to change.

We have to get rid of some of the old ‘stuff’ first.

Our minds are like huge warehouses that are stuffed FULL, floor to ceiling, with JUNK. And the older we get, the more junk there is in there.

Clear the junk away

If we want to change things, change our lives, change our beliefs, change our experiences, we have to create the space for something different to occur.

Yes, we have to create new pathways, but FIRST we have to clear some of the junk away so there’s ROOM to create new pathways.

And the best way to create that room is to JOURNAL.

To write about it.

Not type, not talk, not mull over in meditations, not discuss over coffee with your friends; journal.

Personally, my experience is that it’s the only way to clean things out; sit down with a pen and paper and get it all out onto the page, and keep going, and going, and going.

Our brains are wired to connect to our writing

I can’t remember what the actual scientific facts are, but to our brains, writing is far more powerful than either talking or typing.

It’s as though writing something down makes our brain feel like it doesn’t have to remember something, it doesn’t have to keep it in mind anymore, it can forget about it and move on.

And the minute it does that, BINGO! We’ve cleared a little space.

If something keeps coming up for you over and over again, it’s because there’s something in it that your subconscious wants you to look at.

Start a journal today

Start writing.

Don’t judge what you’re writing, just write down whatever comes to mind. Clear as much junk as you can.

If we want to change the way things are for ourselves, we need to grab a pen and paper and start writing.

Get all of our thoughts out of our head and onto paper so that there’s room for new things to go in there, and we can start creating new paths.

Until we’ve cleared out and created some space, we can’t create anything new.

If you’ve already tried this, let me know how you went on and what changed for you.

If you haven’t done this yet, make a commitment to do it in the comments and tell us when you’ll do this, then post and let us know how you go on.
K xxx

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