• Are you happy when you get money?
  • Or do you groan about it not being enough to pay the bills?
  • Become aware of what you're saying
  • Change the amount of money that comes into your life

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Do you receive money with joy & gratitude?

We all dream of winning the lottery or waking up one morning and finding $10m in our bank account or something because if that happened, we'd be happy right?

But, let's be honest here, for most of us,  what goes through our mind when we receive money such as our pay cheque is not a mental (or physical)  jump for joy.

It's not an overwhelming sense of gratitude that we've received that money.

It's not even a peaceful contentment about having that money in our account.

Do you feel that it's not enough?

It's more likely to be something along the lines of a mental (or verbal) groan, accompanied by maybe placing our head in our hands or rubbing our forehead and grimacing, while saying to ourselves…

“Oh my god, I can't believe that's all there is, it's nowhere near enough.”

Or “What am I going to do? This won't pay the bills.”

Or “Oh, this is a disaster, I can't cope with this any more.”

Energy is everything

Remember, the more energy we put into something, the more of that thing we get, so if we're focusing on there not being enough, then guess what? We're going to create even more of “not enough”.

Notice what you do

Are you happy when you receive money?

What do you say to yourself? Just notice what you say, and write it down.

Keep a little notebook and pay attention to all the thoughts and emotions that go through your head.

Don't beat yourself up about having these thoughts, that'll just keep them there.

Instead, just notice them with interest, because once you notice them, then you begin to take back your power.

K xxx

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