• Why “try” is the reason we fail
    • Why “try” is an excuse
    • How “trying” stops us from succeeding
    • Why we need to fully commit

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“Either do or do not, there is no try”

I love that quote from Yoda. The kids hated it because I used to pull them up about ‘trying’ all the time.

And still do.

“Well, I tried” or “I gave it my best shot” are just excuses – reasons – to give up. Sometimes, we did try and things didn’t work, but if we truly want something, we keep going.

The minute we stop, we fail.

“I'll try” is just an excuse

What I’ve noticed over the years is that we use ‘try’ as an excuse:

It means we don't have to fully commit,

It means we'll ‘test the waters' & see how we go,

“I'll try” means we're not going to play all out.

If we want to succeed, we have to commit

If we want to change our future, if we want to create financial independence and financial freedom, regardless of where we are now, we need to COMMIT.


We are going to make mistakes, things aren’t going to go as we expect them to, there will be learning curves, things which seem that we’ve failed. But we haven’t failed until we give up.

Stop trying.

Just do it.

What can you do today?

K xxx

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