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I'm a bit weird: I like doing new things

One of the things I love about going on a cruise or to a resort, in fact, going on a holiday of any kind, is doing new things.

So far, I've got a series of acupuncture/reiki sessions booked in to take care of my physical & mental well-being. Over the last week or so, I've had more and more fluid retention. I don't know what's going on there but I want to get it sorted now. This is my treat for me.

Actually, no, I need to reframe that: this is me looking after myself. It's something that I need to do if I'm going to function at the level at which I want to function. It's absolutely necessary.

We believe that fun is unnecessary

We don't think of it like that, do we? We tend to think of looking after ourselves as something that's way down the list of priorities; we have much more important things to do, right?

And it's not until something goes horribly wrong that we begin to take stock and adjust our thinking & actions to take into account that fact that if we don't look after ourselves physically, mentally & emotionally, pretty soon we're not going to be able to do anything.

This is something that I've always struggled to get my head around, to be honest, but the only analogy that kind of works for me is this:

if I had a horse and I didn't feed it properly, I didn't give it any attention, I gave it a massive workout each day, expecting it to do whatever I wanted it to do, I never really brushed it, I ignored any limps or soreness it showed, I kept it going even though I knew it was exhausted…

I'd be hauled up for animal cruelty, right?

None of us would have any hesitation at reporting someone for treating an animal like that.

Yet we do it to ourselves all the time.

We treat ourselves cruelly

We don't feed ourselves well.

We don't exercise properly.

We make ourselves keep going even though we're exhausted.

We don't get enough sleep.

We force ourselves to do things.

We're not kind to ourselves.

The list goes on.

So, for me it's rejuvenation time. I'm doing the acupuncture/reiki thing and I've also signed up to do a lot of “adrenaline” activities, which actually might not be the best thing for me from a lot of people's view points but to me, it's expansive.

The weather is windy and the boat is rocking away in a heavenly kind of way…

…ship, sorry, SHIP, not boat! I keep being corrected by slightly offended nautical people.

Ship, boat, whatever.

Anyway, today I'm doing a Virtual Reality game thing and tomorrow I'm doing a segway race & a very long, very high flying fox/zipline. I'm so looking forward to that one: I love ziplines! I'll post photos.

However you are in the rest of your life is how you are with money

Now, think about this: this post might look as though it has nothing to do with money.

It has EVERYTHING to do with money!

However you are in the rest of your life is how you are in money…

Only magnified 10-fold.

What works for you in life in general, will work for you in money…

Only magnified 10-fold.

What we can do about it

For me, I have to stop and take care of my money, and treat it kindly.

I also have to be very adventurous and get that adrenaline rush when I do something that pushed my boundaries.

And I have to figure out a way to meld those two things into a cohesive whole. There is a way, it's just a fine line to tread, that's all.

When I bring those two experiences to money, everything flows.

That's when I receive easily & effortlessly.

Get your life back into flow

So, take a look at yourself: when is it that you feel like life flows? Can you remember a time when life flowed?

Let me just say something here. Less than two years ago, I simply couldn't imaging being happy, powerful, wealthy or anything ever again despite having done an awful lot of things in the past.

Even if you've never done anything to create wealth or do what you want to do in life before, you can start now, it's never too late and it's never too hard, if you want to do it.

So, how can you manage your money & create more income in a way that excites and inspires you?

This is one of the questions that I'm asking myself this week (in between acupuncture sessions, ziplines and segways, lol)

Let me know what yours are.
K xxx

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