If you know you need to clean up your act but the thought of eating healthy food makes you reach for the nearest chocolate bar, then it’s time you met Kerri Robertson.

Kerri spent her 20’s severely obese and extremely unhealthy, eating the most convenient, filling and cheapest food for the very good reasons that we all have: money, time, kids, work.

Since then, Kerri has done a degree, become a certified wellness practitioner, health coach, fitness nutrition specialist, and now teaches health to other women who struggle with the same things she did:

* Why are you eating the way you are?

* Why aren’t you exercising or moving your body in a way that you enjoy?

* What will make you WANT to eat better, feel better and move more PERMANENTLY?

* How can you set this up so this changes you FOR LIFE?

Listen to or watch this podcast to find out the answers to those questions and how Kerri turned her life around completely (and by the way, she now has 6 kids and still manages to do all this!)

Today's Guest: Kerri Robertson

Owner and Founder at Live More Health Coaching and The Anti-Kale Health Coach

Kerri Robertson is a certified wellness practitioner, health coach, fitness nutrition specialist, and the host of The Anti-Kale Health Coach podcast.

She holds a degree in exercise science and started her career as a fitness instructor, but doesn’t actually enjoy formal exercise.

Her past is full of obesity and generally unhealthy life choices, so she has been joyfully surprising people with her career choice.

She is now empowering other women to ditch the diets and lose weight in healthful ways, regain the confidence and strength to build their best life, and to intentionally Live More.

She is the mother of 3 + 3 bonus kids, an avid music enthusiast, and all things citrus.

Connect with Kerri:

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