Marie-Anne Lecoeur is an expert in:

    🌟🌟 French chic and style (as opposed to fashion)

    🌟🌟 Identifying your body shape

    🌟🌟 Dressing to suit your body shape

    🌟🌟 Finding your own stylish flair

    🌟🌟 Eating to nourish your body and maintain a healthy weight

    🌟🌟 Home cooking the French way

    🌟🌟 Living a minimalist (and tidy!) life (she was writing about this BEFORE Marie Kondo!)

    🌟🌟 Organising your cupboards and closets in an attractive and inviting way

I’ve known Marie-Anne for more than three years now. We speak on the phone several times a week.

I knew all of the things that she does online but I didn’t know half of the things I found out about her personally during this interview!

    🌟🌟  Marie-Anne quit her job at the age of 50 to follow her love of writing

Β Β Β  🌟🌟 Within a few months, she had not one but TWO Amazon best selling books: β€œYou only live once, Ka-REN” (say in a strong French accent) β€œAnd, like most people, I felt like I had a book in me, so one Sunday, I sat down in the garden and just wrote and wrote.”

    🌟🌟 For the next six months or so, one or the other of her books was the best seller in its category

    🌟🌟 She left her home in the Channel Islands and headed to Mexico

    🌟🌟 Now back in France she bought and renovated a 200-year old run down cottage

    🌟🌟 Her You Tube channel focusses on style and food

    🌟🌟 Her videos have had more than 6 million views

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast and find out more about this hilarious and passionate woman.

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