The Cheapest Way To Get Healthy (hint: it’s not exercise!)

Meet Sally Imeson: Mother, Nutritionist, former Athlete – inspired by all things that nourish us in our relationships, emotional health and the nervous system.

Sally found herself with a newborn baby, married to an elite athlete, on low single income while still having to provide highly nutritious meals on a very low budget. A few years later, her marriage fell apart as a result of Domestic Violence. For Sally, this reinforced what she already suspected: that, regardless of our income or our circumstances, our emotional health is crucial.

She discovered that cooking, eating, design of our environment, and how we access our community for regular emotional expression is the most significant component of great health, way more important than what we’re actually eating.

Like Sally says, women are great leaders for this health tool we just need to celebrate this and promote it to our loved ones.

Sally’s passion is to support people take control of their nervous system avoiding great expense and time inconveniences.

Basically, she gives people bang for their buck health strategies!

Come and listen to or watch this podcast to listen to Sally’s fascinating story and to find out just how you can stay fit and healthy without it costing an arm and a leg!

Today's Guest: Sally Imeson

Owner and Founder of The Power of The Kitchen Table

After travelling for a few years after school, Sally studied as a mature age student, achieving a Bachelor of Health Science, major in Nutrition and Stress Management.

After working in the sports industry and then going back to university, she completed a Masters in Sports Management and met her husband.

Her greatest ‘health understanding and clarity’ came as a new mother, trying to juggle being an athlete manager to her husband, and create food on a very, very limited budget – life was demanding ‘bang for your buck’ solutions for our pressure filled life.

Emotional health quickly became Sally’s number one focus and for the last 6 years has shaped the research and teachings that she shares with her family and clients.

She knows that great health really is achievable without having to spent a fortune or take up too much time.

Post COVID, Sally hopes that her message spreads quickly so that our children can jump the fear of Covid and our community can reshape itself in a positive and powerful way.

Connect with Sally:

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60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share Soooo, I was bleeding a bit (okay, a lot), my hands were throbbing, I knew I probably needed stitches in my left hand and my right hand was throbbing, but I thought that a few stitches and a tetanus shot would do the job. Three days, 8 lots of IV antibiotics and a 90-minute surgery later… Join me as my brother, Alan, questions my sanity (he doesn’t like cats to start with) and finds out exactly what happened and why. This is a MUST to listen to or watch! More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

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60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share The 2018 suicide of the 45-year old senior legal counsel at Victoria’s Coroners Court was linked to a toxic workplace culture that turned her “dream job” into an “unimaginable nightmare” within a few weeks, an inquest found. When I read the article – you can read the full article here – it spoke of how the woman was expected to work an already full-time job and add a new role to that, of how she was unable to tell anyone at work how she wasn’t coping because if she did, she knew she’d never become a judge, something she’d been working towards her whole life, and how, during the 39 medical appointments with GPs, psychiatrists and psychologists in a SIX MONTH period, she didn’t tell any of them that she had already tried to commit suicide. Leah Steele knows exactly what the woman was feeling. As a barrister from the age of 22, she quit practising law in her early 30’s for the same reasons.Listen to this challenging conversation and find out:   πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ How to identify burnout in yourself and others   πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Why the culture of pushing ourselves to the limit is so unhealthy    How workplaces can change to support its staff and stop this kind of thing happening    How we can all take responsibility for our health & well-being (without losing our jobs!) This is a MUST to listen to or watch! Today’s Guest: Leah Steele Owner and Founder of Searching for Serenity Leah is a burnout mentor and trainer based in Bristol UK and is the founder of Searching for Serenity. After working as a lawyer for more than a decade she is now a non-practising solicitor who works with professionals and companies to help them identify, manage and reverse issues of burnout, as well as understand related topics such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism and people pleasing, overworking and overwhelm. Leah came to the concept of burnout after experiencing her own issues during her career as a litigator specialising in mental capacity and contentious probate work, and uses a combination of existing research and individual experience to demystify and break down these concepts, to help others create sustainable and effective careers with real longevity. Connect with Leah: www.LinkedIn.com/in/leahysteele www.Instagram.com/leahsteeleuk https://www.searchingforserenity.co.uk 🌟🌟🌟 LET’S TALK! 🌟🌟🌟 I don’t want to be having the same conversations as everyone else. Burnout, imposter syndrome, exhaustion can ruin the career you’ve worked so hard to build, and the barriers to seeking help are high enough. During this 45 minute, heavily discounted 1:1 call I want to hear your story, and I’ll give as much help, support, information and guidance as I can in our time Talk to Leah now More fabulous podcasts and great articles Subscribe today and you’ll get new episodes right when they’re released! 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Three Brains With Heidi Goodman pin #2

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share THREE brains? Three? Did you know that you have three brains? I certainly didn’t. A brain is a collection of neurons working together. But apart from our brain-brain, there are two other organs in our bodies that are made up of/contain enough neurons to also be counted as ‘brains’: our heart and our gut. Energy alignment specialist, Reiki healer, NLP coach and MBIT practitioner, Heidi Goodman has spent her life both educating herself as well as educating other people. The former primary school teacher now supports and teaches people all over the world in how to listen to and align their THREE brains: their heads, their hearts and their guts. Join me in conversation with the gorgeous Heidi Goodman and find out:     What is Multiple Brain Integration Technology    What is energy alignment     How your head, heart and gut are all connected and work in different ways      How to find out which one speaks more clearly to you     How to use the different “knowings” for different situations     What are Reiki, Timeline Therapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how they can help us to connect with & integrate our three brainsListen to or watch this fascinating discussion now! Today’s Guest: Heidi Goodman Owner and Founder of Minds Connect Heidi is a Life and Energy Coach, a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher. She is a certified NLP Master Coach, Master Energy Coach, Master mBIT Coach, mBIT coach trainer, Time Line Therapist and Conscious Hypnosis therapist. Heidi is passionate about raising people’s awareness of their own energy and how it is connected to everything. She has helped many men and women overcome fears, judgement and grief. Heidi specialises in bringing people from tension and conflict to more harmonious and peaceful connections in all areas of their lives. Heidi is also a single mum of three boys. Having moved through separation and divorce, she now supports herself and her family through her holistic coaching and reiki business. Connect with Heidi: http://www.facebook.com/heidi.porter1 http://www.facebook.com/mindsconnectcoaching http://www.mindsconnect.com.au 🌟🌟🌟 WORK WITH HEIDI! 🌟🌟🌟 Upgrade Your Life – Group and 1:1 Coaching Program 8 weeks of support to transform your connection, within and with others in your life Find out more about the program (and other programs Heidi runs) here More fabulous podcasts and great articles Subscribe today and you’ll get new episodes right when they’re released! 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

What's It Really Like To Have Covid?

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share A couple of months ago, my brother, Alan, and I were having the whinge that seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment: CoVid and the lockdowns & restrictions surrounding it. My kids are scattered across the east coast of Australia and we’re all unable to see each other. Our youngest daughter who’s at school in NSW, had to go into quarantine at home for 14 days of her 17 day school holiday, even though she’s come from a region that has had NO community transmission of CoVid. My eldest daughter has been stuck in the world’s longest lockdown in Melbourne since March. She lives 80km from her brother but they haven’t been able to see each other and she’s spent her final year of Uni unable to socialise. “Enough is enough!” Alan and I agreed “Let’s just open everything up and let people catch it, the death rate isn’t that bad, and once we’ve all caught it, we can just get on with life.” A week later, Alan tested positive for CoVid. We decided to do a series of podcasts on what it’s like to have CoVid and the recovery from CoVid… But he’s been too sick to do it. One of Alan’s friends died from CoVid this week and one of our cousins is currently in ICU, isolated and unable to have visitors. His family have also all tested positive. Join Alan and I for this CoVid Conversation. Find out:     What it’s like to have CoVid     How you catch it     How the medical system deals with CoVid    What the recovery is like     What are the complications of the virus     What the long term prognosis is for someone who’s had a severe bout of CoVid  Come and join us and find out the truth about CoVid! Today’s Guest: Alan Nield Musician, Sports Announcer, Radio Presenter and Manager Alan’s had a long career in media, starting off in local radio, and is currently the announcer for Sale Sharks Rugby Club. He’s also a semi-pro bass guitarist. Click here to check out Alan’s FB page More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Could you be in an Open relationship?

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share Multiple member partnerships are an emerging relationship structure with some studies showing that up to an estimated 20% of adults in the United States have been in some form of open relationship at some stage in their life. People in open relationships deal with the same life issues as everyone else – work issues, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, parenting and hormonal issues – and often a therapist will ‘blame’ being non-monogamous as the root of the problem, frustrating many clients going to counselling. None of any of this had ever occurred to me prior to this conversation with  Deb McGinnis. I’ve never considered having / being in an open relationship, I don’t know anything about them, I didn’t even know there were different types of open relationship. If you want to watch me squirm as I try desperately to do what I normally do in an interview which is to understand things from the other person’s viewpoint so I can ask relevant questions, this is the video to watch!  I consider myself to be open minded, I really don’t care what people do as long as it’s consensual and not causing anyone pain, but being open minded is entirely different to putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Join me in conversation with Deb McGinnis and find out:     How many conventional therapists view open relationships as being the source of all problems     What are the different types of open relationship      Which two things form the basis of a successful open relationship      What are the demographics of people who have open relationships      How do you prevent / deal with the jealousy, guilt and other emotions that could arise     How do you go about changing an existing monogamous relationship to an open relationship?      What happens if you don’t want anyone to see the things you write but you still would like to record it all Listen to or watch this fascinating discussion now! Today’s Guest: Deb McGinnis Owner and Founder of Open Relationship Counselling Deb is the creator of Open Relationship Counselling, a practice dedicated to serving those people involved in – or thinking about being in – an open relationship. This can include polyamory, swinging, whatever way her clients want their relationship to be in a way that works for them and their partner or partners. The emphasis is on consent, and open ethical communication and having the ability to share with the people they love without fear of judgment, including from their therapist! Check out Deb’s FB page here:  https://www.facebook.com/openrelationshipcounselling More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Why We Need To Free The V

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share *** WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT *** As a midlife mother of four, as far as I’m concerned, my relationship with my vagina is a kind of mild awareness that it’s had a few intense moments, of both the nice and not-so-nice kind, and it’s done its job quite nicely, thank you. That’s about it.  So, why has Danielle Dal Cortivo created a project called Free The V… with the “V” being V@gina?So join me and Danielle for this interesting conversation and find out:   πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» What caused Danielle to think that her V might need freeing  πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» How we are born into shame, guilt and keeping our female sexuality hidden   πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» The THREE HUNDRED negative thoughts that Danielle had about her V   πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»  The impact that these negative thoughts had on how she felt about herself and her life   πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»  How Danielle moved beyond her negative thoughts and how to identify your negative thoughts and what you can do to release them   πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» Why the fact that the fastest growing type of plastic surgery is Vagioplasty is so concerning Listen to the podcast and see what your thoughts are on this topic by the time the podcast ends, because, I can tell you, mine changed completely and I knew exactly what Danielle was talking about. Today’s Guest: Danielle Dal Cortivo Danielle Dal Cortivo is a daughter, sister, friend and partner with a curious mind, inquisitive nature and passion for life. She is an entrepreneur and leader who has completed a Bachelor of Communications, a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, and a Master of Public Health. She’s a coach, startup expert, and founder of a charity supporting kids a little less lucky in Australia and Botswana. Danielle loves travelling and exploring the world. But what she really loves is in being in meaningful conversations that make a difference. Inspired by what becomes possible when women talk about their v@ginas, Danielle created Free the V to explore and alter the stigma around v@ginas and to empower women to reclaim their freedom, self expression and beauty. Keep an eye out for her Podcast which will be coming out soon, Free The V. Click here to connect with Danielle on Instagram (website coming soon!) More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Righting Writing with Jo podcast pin #2

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share When Joanna Dolan’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors started asking for family medical history, Jo realised how little they actually knew about it all. The family believed that Uncle John died from a stroke and that Aunty Kath had cancer of some kind, but no one was really certain because if they asked around, some of the older family members disputed those beliefs. So what was true? Then she began to realise just how much information and experience is lost when someone passes and just how interesting and exciting it would be to hear what happened to someone in their own words. What was it like to be in a Workhouse in England in Victorian times? What was it like in the trenches of WW1? My Grandad was a tank sergeant in the D-Day Landings, what was his experience? While you may not think your life is very interesting, your descendants, friends and relatives will. The other thing she realised is that there is no one truth: no one is right, we just all have our own experience and understanding of every situation and that in itself is priceless. Five people may be involved in a certain event and they’ll all tell the story of what happened differently and every one of those stories is true, even though they’re all different to each other. Jo began to establish a platform where people can go and write their life, simply get down all (or some! Maybe just the juicy bits!) of their life experiences. They can type it themselves or they can speak it and get it transcribed. Find out:     Why writing things down is so powerful for the writer (and it’s not about telling other people!)     How Jo’s platform works     Why some information is crucial for your family     Why every time you remember something, it’s the first time you remember it     Who gets to see what you’ve written?    What happens if you don’t know where to start?    What happens if you don’t want anyone to see the things you write but you still would like to record it all Jo after shaving her hair off to raise funds for cancer research  Listen to the podcast and find out more about the work Jo does, how you can connect with her to do this yourself and why it’s such an important to do (plus the answers to heaps more questions!) Today’s Guest: Joanna Dolan Jo and her daughter Kate Owner and Founder of Righting Writing Jo is a professional editor who works with clients from around the world to β€˜prettify their prose’. Jo’s eldest daughter, Kate, died of melanoma in 2010 and since then Jo’s become more interested in the healing power associated with being seen and heard through telling our own stories. Jo believes that our life stories are important insights into how we see the events around us unfolding. She’s also a keen supporter of cancer charities and has shaved her head twice to raise funds. Click on the links below to connect with Jo ** On Facebook ** Righting Writing on Facebook ** Instagram ** Righting Writing Website   More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share Shari Ware spent almost her entire life morbidly obese. By the time she left High School, she weighed 100kgs. At her maximum weight, she was over 180 kgs (she never had the courage to find out how much over). After spending decades on the dieting roller coaster – losing the weight, feeling great for a while, then putting the weight back on again – she realised that she needed to go about things in a different way. If you’ve ever found yourself on that weight loss roller coaster, you need to listen to this! Find out:     What makes people put on weight (and it’s not what they’re eating!)     Why diets don’t work long term     How weight can be a “suit of armour”     The really clever ways we avoid looking at and working on ourselves     The assumptions and judgements we all make about weight (whether it’s our own or other people’s)     The unique ways Shari helps people to lose weight   Why you absolutely MUST join the Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood Facebook Group (which you can do by clicking here!) Listen to the podcast and find out more about how Shari changed her own life and what you can do to change yours (and maybe she can help you!) Today’s Guest: Shari Ware Owner and Founder of FAB New Body Shari Ware is a Health Coach, best selling author & international speaker who is on a mission to help people to change their weight or health story in a way that is healthy, sustainable & doesn’t completely suck, by working on the root cause rather than treating the symptons. Shari’s motto after losing 100kg herself naturally is “You CAN change your story, one change at a time!” Click on the links below to connect with Shari ** On Facebook ** FAB New Body on Facebook ** Instagram ** Twitter ** LinkedIn Check out Shari’s Podcast on YouTube and Apple Podcasts Book your FREE 30 Minute CLARITY CALL If you need some help on your journey to your most FABulous you, then book a complimentary call with me on the link below Click Here To Start Your Journey Now More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share Amrit Kendrick started yoga when she was 30 to help her to chill out a bit and maybe get fitter. She got the yoga bug, learning more and more about the discipline, becoming a teacher in 2002 and is now training to be a yoga teacher trainer.  Amrit has used her knowledge of yoga to help herself and others with pregnancy, motherhood and eventually menopause, even creating variations on yoga to help beginners or people with injuries or disabilities. Listen to Amrit share her knowledge on the yoga she’s created, why yoga helps with things like this and what you can do to help relieve the symptoms of menopause (or any other imbalance/disability/injury). Find out more about:     How yoga can help you to relax, heal and enjoy life    Why yoga is so important in our modern day lives    Why yoga has such a profound impact on our bodies and does it have anything to do with the fact that the Chakras are situation close to or on the position of the glands in our bodies    How menopause and other imbalances are connected to our chakras and how yoga helps redress that imbalance     Which exercises help with which issues     Why sequences of exercises give the most benefit and where to find the sequences   Why you absolutely MUST join the Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood Facebook Group (which you can do by clicking here!) Listen to the podcast and find out more about how yoga can help you through all the different changes of life. Today’s Guest: Amrit Kendrick Iyengar Yoga teacher and trainer Born in the US, after studying Marine Protected Area Policy at University, Amrit met her husband, moved to Australia and continued her work in environmental protection and conservation. Click here to connect with Amrit and Karrak Yoga on Facebook More fabulous podcasts and great articles 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share This is an altered page that I’ve created solely for the purposes of getting FB to allow me to promote the podcast. I’ve removed or altered certain words and changed the graphics because FB says they’re “infammatory”. To read the unedited version of this page, click here. Otherwise, read on.This is not an easy listen, but it’s something that we need to hear about, because while we can blame the people selling the children, it’s the western men PAYING FOR the children who are the cause of the problem. Find out:     The size of the problem: more than 10 MILLION people are involved in human trafficking worldwide    How the children end up in the br0thels    How easy it is for the traffickers to operate    What Destiny Rescue do to help the children once they’ve rescued them     The cost of rescuing the children  Listen to the podcast and find out more about this incredible organisation and the amazing men who go undercover to rescue children from s#x slavery.Then head further down this page to become a rescue partner and help to save children from this appalling life. Today’s Guest: Marc Nuss Marc Nuss is a Partnership Manager for Destiny Rescue. Marc has carried a deep interest and compassion for the underprivileged and vulnerable for most of his life. Having three daughters (and a son) of his own, and experiencing first hand the plight of young women caught in human trafficking, he is passionate about his role in Destiny Rescue and is determined to make a difference. Destiny Rescue is a Not-for-Profit organisation started in Australia over 18 years ago and is dedicated to fighting the trafficking and s#xual exploitation of children in seven nations. Their highly trained agents run covert and raid rescue operations, day and night to locate and rescue children being used and abused. With the ongoing support of generous donors, Destiny Rescue has successfully liberated over 5,200 individual victims of human trafficking. They have been instrumental in the closing of many bars, clubs and brothels known to be targeting children for s#x work, and have seen numerous perpetrators prosecuted. Their tireless work has also helped keep hundreds more young ones from entering the s#x trade through various local community prevention programs and delivered justice and care for those who have been rescued. Click on the links below to connect with Marc and Destiny Rescue:  Facebook:Marc’s personal profileDestiny Rescue Facebook PageWebsite:Destiny RescueInstagram:Marc Nuss BECOME A RESCUE PARTNER As a Rescue Partner, your monthly donations support the continued holistic work of Destiny Rescue. Each month you will directly help us put operatives where they are most needed to rescue more children out of slavery and give them the care they need to continue safely living out their lives – free from exploitation! With your partnership, we can bring freedom to every child we find and keep them safe. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A RESCUE PARTNER TODAY More fabulous podcasts and great articles Subscribe today and you’ll get new episodes right when they’re released! 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Follow us Save Share