Meet Robert Grimes. Robert was fortunate/unfortunate enough to start chatting to me one day about the coping mechanisms he’d developed to help him and his partner through the often bumpy ride that is menopause. Before poor Robert fully realised what was happening I suspect, he’d agreed to come on the podcast and talk about his experiences.

This is something I’d been curious about for a while: what is it (their partners going through menopause) like for the men in our lives? What are their thoughts? How do they deal with it? Early on in the podcast, I had an email from one gorgeous husband asking if I knew of any support groups for partners of menopausal women, so I know it’s a thing (he found a support group outside of Facebook but I’m not sure where).

So here it is: one man’s view on how he deals with his partner’s menopause, and he does it with complete love and respect, by the way. Come and listen to Robert and find out more about the work he does for people and their relationships.

Today's Guest: Robert J Grimes

 Love, Life Matters

Robert is an Evolutionary Leader in Love, Life and Business.

Robert loves to work with the energy dynamics that play out in relationships, whether that be a love or business relationships or groups of individuals.

He has a natural ability to help people in a relationship to unravel and heal the emotional hurts that come to the fore.

Robert helps couples and individuals repair the circuitry in the body, so the energy flows again, and connect to who they really are (their Soulful Self).  When the energy flows, the ego-mind (Protective Personality) does not control or sabotage the natural flow in the body and mind, and abundance, vibrance and love is restored.

It is Robert’s vision to create a movement by bringing a thousand couples together in community to heal and grow in their relationship.

Robert believes being in an intimate love relationship is the best form of personal healing and growth. 

Robert is registered with The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, a member of The Australian College of Relationship Counsellors and currently studying for certification under the guidance of Dr Sue Morter at the Morter Institute for Bio-energetics and The Energy codes.

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