Despite the fact that it seems like young people today have life easier and better than any generation before them, there is a growing incidence of youth depression, anxiety and suicide that we, as parents / grandparents / teachers / friends, are ill equipped to deal with.

It’s interesting that we’re taught how to deal with someone’s physical injuries, but dealing with someone’s emotional or mental injuries or illness isn’t something that’s considered much. You often hear news reporters say things like “one driver died, the other was uninjured”, no mention is made of the emotional impact that an accident has on the people involved.

Dr Stephen Spencer has dedicated his life to creating a CPR for emotional & mental trauma, particularly in young people. And teaching those around them what to do when their young people are struggling with life.

Today's Guest: Dr Stephen Spencer

Doctor of Psychology, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Nurse, Founder of Charity EquiEnergy Youth

Dr Stephen Spencer is a child and adolescent mental health nurse and has worked in acute mental health inpatient unit and emergency departments providing care for young people and families for over a decade.

He is also the co-founder of a charity and not-for-profit organisation EquiEnergy Youth. He and his team have a goal to build the capacity of

adults in the community to support young people through episodes of acute distress, and make an impact on mental health outcomes, inducing youth suicide.

EquiEnergy Youth’s Coach2Cope training programs for families and professionals are one of the ways Steve and his team are working towards this goal. In theses programs they coach adults the TAR3 psychological first aid framework, a method you can use in any situation, with any child to assist them in their time of distress.

Dr Spencer completed his PhD where his research focused on the best responses and interventions for supporting young people through episodes of psychological distress.

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