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Episode 108 – How Sex Trafficking Operates and What You Can Do About It

Sex trafficking has been ongoing since time immemorial and the rise of technology has led to a change in the nature of the industry.

While we can blame the people who capture and keep these children and the culture that makes them feel okay about it, make no mistake: if they didn’t have the large numbers of men from Western countries as their clients, there would BE no industry.

The sex trafficking industry garners $99.5 billion dollars per year, becoming the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. Victims not only include women and girls but young boys as well and now, it’s easier than ever for these predators to find their victims online.

In this podcast, the courageous Marc Nuss discusses the steps he and his amazing team at Destiny Rescue take to combat and decrease sex trafficking, one victim at a time. 

Join us as we talk about the challenges faced, the efforts that Destiny Rescue invest into the future of every victim and ways in which you can contribute to ending this phenomenon.

Disclaimer: This discussion involves statements that may be harrowing or triggering for some listeners.

We’ve had girls where we literally, within five minutes from meeting them, offered them to rescue them and they said, yes and all their trusts have been broken all the way but it was that bad for them that they’re willing to take another chance, even if it might mean it will end up in death.

About Today’s Guest: Marc Nuss

Marc Nuss is a Partnership Manager for Destiny Rescue.
Marc has carried a deep interest and compassion for the underprivileged and vulnerable for most of his life.

Having three daughters (and a son) of his own, and experiencing first hand the plight of young women caught in human trafficking, he is passionate about his role in Destiny Rescue and is determined to make a difference.

Destiny Rescue is a Not-for-Profit organisation started in Australia over 18 years ago and is dedicated to fighting the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in seven nations. Their highly trained agents run covert and raid rescue operations, day and night to locate and rescue children being used and abused. With the ongoing support of generous donors, Destiny Rescue has successfully liberated over 5,200 individual victims of human trafficking.

They have been instrumental in the closing of many bars, clubs and brothels known to be targeting children for sex work, and have seen numerous perpetrators prosecuted. Their tireless work has also helped keep hundreds more young ones from entering the sex trade through various local community prevention programs and delivered justice and care for those who have been rescued.

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With your partnership, we can bring freedom to every child we find and keep them safe.

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