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Ep101: Why Old Wives Tales might lead to a better understanding of medicine

Why does modern medicine dismiss ‘old fashioned’ herbal remedies as not efficacious? Are ‘old wives tales’ all nonsense?

James Jensen completed his degree in pharmacy and then discovered that there was very little difference between what he’d learned about modern medicine traditional herbal remedies.

Did you know that complaints about parasites are more common when the moon is full? It’s true. Did you also know that St John’s Wort, traditionally used as a ‘nerve tonic’ actually contains the same ingredient as most anti-depressants, SSRI?

But beyond that, how does peri-menopause and the resulting change in hormones, impact our digestive system, our major organ function, our brain patterns, and what can we do about it?

Find out in this detailed discussion with a pharmacist turned integrated medicine practitioner.

About Today’s Guest: James Jensen

Functional Medicine Practitioner & Integrative Pharmacist
BPharm MPS

After years as a Pharmacist, James began developing a passion for natural health. He found himself looking more and more to natural remedies for patients and he discovered that his patients were looking for natural alternatives also. James taught himself all he could, before opening a health food store, which then became the health food store and integrative medicine clinic that is is today. James now runs a busy clinic seeing 40 patients a week to help with a range of issues including Hormone Health, Anxiety, Fertility, Weight Loss and Children’s Behavioural Management and Digestive Issues.

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