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Episode 109 – The Science of Colour and Finding the Perfect Colours That Bring Out Your Beauty


Colour affects people in different ways. We might not always notice colour but we definitely feel it.

For anyone who is aware of the power of colour, it can have a dramatic effect on both your mood and lifestyle.

It’s no surprise that many people will say they feel “blue” or “green” with envy, while others are energised by yellow. The right colours can make us happy and lift our moods.  Whereas, a bad choice of colour can set off a negative impression and you could lose the attention before you’ve even had a chance to make others interested in what you have to offer!

This is why certified, award-winning expert Imogen Lamport developed Bespoke Image and with a vast colour system composed of 18 different groups, Imogen personally dedicates her time and efforts to finding the tones that compliment your style and highlight your best self!

To me, when we’re in harmony with the colours that resonate with us, it’s always more beautiful and more aesthetically pleasing than when we’re wearing something that’s not in harmony with us.

About Today’s Guest: Imogen Lamport

Imogen Lamport is an internationally certified, award winning image consultant and image trainer whose passion is demystifying the science and art of style so that you can define your personal style and curate a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear as they express your personality from the inside out. She is the author of the online encyclopaedia of colour and style – Inside Out Style.

She is known for her insightful expertise and is the author of the encyclopaedia of colour and style . Imogen has been training aspiring personal stylists since 2006 through her Academy of Professional Image and is an innovator in the image industry having created the 18 directional Absolute Colour System. With a deep interest in understanding how personality impacts style choices, she is also co-creator of the ground-breaking 16 Style Types which marries psychological type with style. Imogen knows what it’s like to feel clueless about what to wear as she wasn’t born with style. This is why she’s so passionate about educating and empowering women to develop their style so they can project their authentic personality to the world.

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