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Ep114 – Why We Need A Peri Menopause Hub with Emily Barclay

On the whole, it seems like Peri-Menopause takes most of us by surprise: we don’t know what to expect and we don’t know when to expect it.

Why is it that we don’t know what to expect when we reach Peri-Menopause? There are whole sections of the library about what to expect when you’re expecting and we understand puberty in great detail, so why not menopause?

Emily Barclay struggled to understand what was happening to her: why was she so tired? Why couldn’t she sleep? Why were her moods swinging so violently? After all, she was only 39, she couldn’t possibly be menopausal, right?

But when she started looking for information, she realised how little information was actually out there and available. On the assumption that it couldn’t just be her that was struggling with this and there had to be many other women going through the same thing, too, she set up a website called The Peri Menopause Hub. Within a few months, she had tens of thousands of subscribers.

“When I was 39, I started getting peri symptoms. I didn’t know what it was, I just knew I had crushing fatigue, weight gain and what I could only describe as psycho bitch episodes. I went into the doctor 13 times and was told I was stressed, needed to sleep better and exercise more.”

About Today’s Guest: Emily Barclay

Business owner, founder of the Peri Menopause Hub, Triathlete, Ironwoman, dog lover

Emily set up the perimenopause hub after over 3 years of symptoms. She has brought together experts from around the world who help women through this life stage. 

She lives in England with her partner and their 5 dogs.

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