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Episode 14: Women: Is Equality an Illusion?


Are women really still fighting for equality?

I’m only just realising how unequal women really are.

I did a degree in construction back in the 80’s. I was one of 6 women in the UK doing my job when I graduated, I worked on building sites for 5 years and I can hand on heart say that I RARELY experienced any sex discrimination in that time.

In fact, I experienced sex discrimination a grand total of three times over that time. I remember each time clearly and I also remember that the man involved didn’t come out of the encounter… intact.

My experience was, more than anything, that I had an advantage. Being a rare female in a male-dominated industry had huge advantages for me and I had a great time.

But over the last few years, I’ve been getting more and more uncomfortable with things.

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

I have this growing, gnawing suspicion that women are growing less and less equal in many ways, it’s just that the inequality is becoming more and more subtle.

I think that women absolutely have the right to be as sexy as they choose, but I also think that in reality (the current reality), it’s still all about objectification.

That’s all I’m going to say here. Listen to the podcast, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

It’s still there, it’s just pretending to be “freedom” and “self expression” and – I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for saying this – “strong, sexy woman”.

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