Episode 91: 7 Steps To Style for Over 45’s


7 Steps To Style for Over 45's and building your wardrobe with Imogen Lamport

Why is it that we can have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, yet still feel like we have absolutely nothing to wear?

Imogen Lamport explained it to me this way: women who make that kind of statement have one of two types of wardrobes: the wardrobe full of clones and the wardrobe full of orphans.

The owner of the Clone-filled wardrobe sees something that they like and then buys three in every colour. It works for a while but eventually, you get really sick of looking the same every day.

The owner of the wardrobe full of orphans (me!) tends to buy things that they like with no thought of what other clothes they own that might go with that piece. They might also like to buy statement pieces (also me!).

7 Steps To Style for Over 45's

Imogen tells us how we can move beyond this, how to work out which colours are going to suit us, and also explains why there’s no standardisation in the dress sizes (and the reason is not what you might think!)

About Today’s Guest Imogen Lamport

Internationally Certified, Award Winning Image Consultant and Image Trainer

An internationally certified, award winning image consultant and image trainer whose passion is demystifying the science and art of style so that you can define your personal style and curate a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear as they express your personality from the inside out.

She is known for her insightful expertise and is the author of the encyclopaedia of colour and style www.insideoutstyleblog.com 

Imogen has been training aspiring personal stylists since 2006 through her Academy of Professional Image www.aopi.com.au and is an innovator in the image industry having created the 18 directional Absolute Colour System.

With a deep interest in understanding how personality impacts style choices, she is also co-creator of the ground-breaking 16 Style Types www.16styletypes.com which marries psychological type with style.

Imogen knows what it’s like to feel clueless about what to wear as she wasn’t born with style. This is why she’s so passionate about educating and empowering women to develop their style so they can project their authentic personality to the world.

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