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Episode 21: How To Be An Awesome Person


Do You Believe You’re A Pretty Awesome Person?

I had the comment from my friend about how she believed that she was an amazing person (read about it here) on my mind when I spoke to my mentor, Karly Nimmo, yesterday. We had such an amazing conversation that I had to record it and share it with everyone.

Karly has been podcasting for a gazillion years (okay, five years), she’s recorded several thousand podcasts (totally true), she’s involved in a heap of online groups and she’s a down-to-earth, no-nonsense, kind of girl. Exactly my sort of person.

Join us for a fabulous conversation about how to believe you’re a pretty awesome person and what kind of a difference it can make in your life.

How to be an awesome person

Find out:

  • Why most personal development programs and books will never work
  • How to stop focusing on what’s wrong with yourself and your life
  • Why suppressing yourself to avoid causing offence or to get people to like you always ends in depression
  • What difference it makes in your life when you approach it from a place of “I’m actually pretty cool”
  • How our innate British/Australian discomfort about bragging really limits us
  • How the w*nky terminology used puts us off things
  • The best reaction to a friend unexpectedly announcing that they’re in love with youThis is a fun look at this whole new world of well, actually, you’re a pretty awesome person.

“Depression is the oppression”. – Karly Nimmo

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

About Today’s Guest Karly Nimmo

Expressionist: voice, ideas, individuality, direction.

No. 1 iTunes podcaster, with three hit shows; Karlosophies, Keeping Good Company (now wrapped) and Make Some Noise.

She’s a serial entrepreneur, mad creator, born communicator and connector with a crazy knack for getting you to connect to your truth and see life from a different perspective.

After the biggest failure of her life, a coworking space in Byron Bay that almost cost her every cent she had and her life, Karly took her background in radio, 15 years of experience as a voice-over artist and agent, and sat down behind the mic to chat with friends, and herself, to explore the stories behind success.

How to be an awesome person

Through her podcasts, retreats, events, and coaching, Karly acts as a guide to connect you back to the truth of who you really are… so that you can stop playing the role of who you think you need to be, and express who you REALLY are out into the world.

Over the past decade Karly has dedicated herself to getting to know, like and trust herself. She has been a faithful student of the human spirit – her own, and those around her… and can help you find and live on your frequency.

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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Karly Nimmo