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How many social changes are a response to the concept of ‘normal’?

‘Normal’ was never a thing until a 200 years ago, so why does it now control so much of our lives?

What is ‘normal’ and what isn’t has been transforming dramatically in the last few decades – let’s explore these changes and how it impacts the world…

We have been seeing more changes in society and what is considered acceptable, and these changes aren’t going slow down any time soon. Listen now to join co-host Ryan O’Connor and I as we delve into what ‘normal’ means and how it affects us in our daily life.

Doctor in white coat

About Today’s Guest: Dr Ron Eaker

Husband, father, grandfather, physician, author, women’s health advocate, marathon runner

Dr Ron is a physician practicing Ob/Gyn for 34 years with the last 10 years focusing on menopause and longevity. He is the author of two books, ‘A Woman’s Guide to Hormone Health’ and ‘Healthy Habits for a Fit Family’. Most recently he has developed a comprehensive online guide for women in menopause called ‘Reduce! Revive! Reignite!’ that addresses everything from hormones to energy level and libido.

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