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Why We Need To Listen More! With Elizabeth Gould

In our society, there is a big missing…it seems these days no one knows how to properly listen.

Everyone has a basic need and a desire to be heard. But who is going to listen?

When someone takes the time to listen, focusing all of their attention on your words and the message you are sending – just think of how special and empowered you feel when this happens to you. Taking this lesson into all areas of life is important – if everyone took the time to listen to each other, imagine how many arguments wouldn’t take place or problems would dissipate.

Tune in now to listen to this brand new episode where Elizabeth Gould and I discuss our culture and the power in listening. Don’t forget to listen to last week’s episode with Elizabeth where we talked about feminine archetypes!

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About Today’s Guest: Elizabeth Gould

Mother, Educator, Puberty and Menopause Mentor

Elizabeth Gould is a mother, and educator who has taught and mentored girls at puberty and is the former director of a non-profit dedicated to positive menstrual/menopausal education and awareness.

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