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Harrowing True Stories of Children Who’ve Been Trafficked For Sex

The sex trafficking industry is larger than the global cocaine market.

If you put together the yearly revenue of McDonald’s, Netflix, Wall Disney, and Best Buy, you get about the same value*

Most of us can’t imagine it. Our kids have dreams, they want to be movie stars or baseball heroes, doctors or astronauts. Imagine if your child found themselves caught by strangers and forced to have sex with other strangers with no way of ever escaping.

While we can blame those societies that host these sex bars for not putting any value on a human life, they’re only doing this because there’s a market for it. It’s the men from the Western world that are the customers, they’re the ones who travel to those countries and pay to have sex with those children.

You can help right now by listening to this episode and donating to the charity, Destiny Rescue, who go into those bars and brothels and rescue the children trapped there. Since 2011, they’ve rescued 10,361 individuals, taken them to safe places, given them medical care, counselling,  trained or educated the ones who wanted it, and set them up in careers or businesses.   

 Donate to Destiny Rescue here:  *

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About Today’s Guest: Marc Nuss

Partnership Manager for Destiny Rescue.

Marc has carried a deep interest and compassion for the underprivileged and vulnerable for most of his life. Having three daughters (and a son) of his own and experiencing firsthand the plight of young women caught in human trafficking, he is passionate about his role in Destiny Rescue and is determined to make a difference.
Destiny Rescue is a Not-for-Profit organisation started in Australia over 20 years ago and is dedicated to fighting the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in eight nations. Their highly trained agents run covert and raid rescue operations, day and night to locate and rescue children being used and abused.

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