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What Do You Say To Someone Who’s Grieving? With Psychologist Deirdre Brandner

We have all got different capacities to navigate emotional pathways depending on our personality, temperament etc.

So when someone’s grieving, how do we know what to say? How do we not make things worse? Or be insensitive?

Talking about grief is getting easier, but there’s still taboo surrounding the subject. When you grieve, you do it in private, and when someone else is in grieving there is an awkwardness. It’s almost as though, this awkwardness and taboo coincides. So when someone is grieving, we don’t know what to say, so we try to avoid them – they then become isolated, alone, and the whole situation a lot, lot worse…

Join myself and psychologist Deirdre Brandner as shares insight into how to navigate the world of grief, and how to support someone who is going through a devastating time. Listen now!

About Today’s Guest: Deirdre Brandner

DipT (Primary) BA (Soc Sci) Grad Dip Child & Adol Psych., MPsychEd (MAPS)

Deirdre Brandner is a leading psychologist from Australia with over 30 years experience. Regular media commentator and guest on radio, tv and podcasts and author. Provides support for families, parents and in particularly mums as they navigate the journey of parenting from infants to teens and beyond

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