A couple of months ago, my brother, Alan, and I were having the whinge that seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment: CoVid and the lockdowns & restrictions surrounding it.

My kids are scattered across the east coast of Australia and we’re all unable to see each other. Our youngest daughter who’s at school in NSW, had to go into quarantine at home for 14 days of her 17 day school holiday, even though she’s come from a region that has had NO community transmission of CoVid.

My eldest daughter has been stuck in the world’s longest lockdown in Melbourne since March. She lives 80km from her brother but they haven’t been able to see each other and she’s spent her final year of Uni unable to socialise.

“Enough is enough!” Alan and I agreed “Let’s just open everything up and let people catch it, the death rate isn’t that bad, and once we’ve all caught it, we can just get on with life.”

A week later, Alan tested positive for CoVid. We decided to do a series of podcasts on what it’s like to have CoVid and the recovery from CoVid…

But he’s been too sick to do it. One of Alan’s friends died from CoVid this week and one of our cousins is currently in ICU, isolated and unable to have visitors. His family have also all tested positive.

Join Alan and I for this CoVid Conversation. Find out:
 💫💫  What it’s like to have CoVid
 💫💫  How you catch it
 💫💫  How the medical system deals with CoVid
 💫💫  What the recovery is like
 💫💫  What are the complications of the virus
 💫💫  What the long term prognosis is for someone who’s had a severe bout of CoVid
Come and join us and find out the truth about CoVid!

Today's Guest: Alan Nield

Musician, Sports Announcer, Radio Presenter and Manager

Alan’s had a long career in media, starting off in local radio, and is currently the announcer for Sale Sharks Rugby Club. He’s also a semi-pro bass guitarist.

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